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Revolutionizing Equine Transport: A Deep Dive into 3D Printed Horse Trailers with Loci Robotics

Last updated March 18, 2024 by Brook Norris

Hosted from Knoxville, Tennessee, at Loci Robotics, where innovation meets equine needs. Join us as we delve into the world of 3D printing with Jeff Foote and Max Heres, the masterminds behind Loci Robotics.

Jeff Foote's Journey: Jeff, the CTO and co-founder of Loci Robotics, has an impressive engineering background spanning various industries, including aerospace and academia. His journey in 3D printing began at Local Motors in Knoxville, where he met his future business partner, Max. Their shared vision and expertise led to the creation of Loci Robotics.

Max Heres' Expertise: Max comes from a polymer physics background, with a focus on the molecular dynamics of polymers. His academic journey in physics and chemical engineering perfectly complemented Jeff's engineering prowess. Together, they aimed to revolutionize large-scale 3D printing.

The Birth of Loci Robotics: Frustrated with the existing 3D printers on the market, Jeff and Max set out to create a machine that embodied everything they desired as users. They built a system from scratch, integrating user-friendly features and innovative technology. Realizing the potential demand for such a printer, they decided to bring their creation to the market.

Innovative Technology: Loci's approach to 3D printing is distinctively different. They opted for a robotic-based system instead of the traditional system, allowing more flexibility and ease in adopting new technology. Their printer heads can be easily interchanged, supporting various functions from printing to milling, without manual intervention.

Sustainability in Manufacturing: A key focus for Loci Robotics is sustainability. They specialize in thermoplastics, which are eco-friendly and recyclable. This choice enables them to repurpose materials from recycling streams, thus contributing to a cleaner environment and promoting sustainable manufacturing practices.

Target Industries and Future Vision: Loci primarily caters to industries like mold making and architectural design, leveraging the speed and color versatility of their printing technology. They envision their technology transforming product development across various sectors by enabling rapid prototyping and customization.

Overcoming Challenges: Starting Loci Robotics wasn't without its challenges. Jeff and Max had to navigate the complexities of introducing new technology, educating potential customers, and developing products that met market needs. Their perseverance and innovative spirit have been key to their success.

Collaboration with Double D Trailers: Our collaboration with Loci Robotics is an exciting venture into exploring the feasibility of 3D printing horse trailers. This partnership symbolizes a step towards innovative solutions in the equine industry. Our visit to Loci Robotics has been an enlightening journey into the future of manufacturing. Jeff and Max's innovative approach to 3D printing could significantly impact how we think about producing horse trailers and other equine products.

Listen & watch the episode with Jeff and Max below! 

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