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Double R Horse Rescue – Riverdale, Nebraska

Finding the Perfect Fit for Both the Horse and New Owner

Jami Salter grew up with a rescue horse named “Cutie” who showed her that any horse can be an excellent companion.  “She taught all of us kids to ride and showed us unconditional love. As soon as I had the means to help on a larger scale I started our rescue.”  The Double R Horse Rescue is located in Riverdale, Nebraska and is home to horses of all sizes, shapes, ages, breeds, and temperaments.  “If it needs help we will do our best to take care of it, even if that means the horse lives the rest of its life at our rescue.”

The process to care for these abused or neglected animals starts the same as with many other rescues – a vet check and rehabilitation.  “All horses that come to our rescue are first evaluated by a veterinarian, no matter what the condition is. If they are sick or undernourished then they are set up on vaccination plans along with feeding plans according to what our veterinarian suggest.”

Next, all of the horses go through a ten-day evaluation period where a volunteer trainer tests the horse on ground work and riding so they can get an idea of what level of rider would be a good fit. “If they are not broke to ride and we have no one interested in a project horse then we put them in a 30 day program, they get work every day for 30 days starting with safe ground manners and then riding.”

Double R Horse RescuePotential adopters are found through their website and Facebook.  “Word of mouth has been great so we have a lot of people who follow our Facebook waiting for the right horse to be posted. Everyone who adopts with us has to have 3 references and a house check. If they are far away from us, then we use other resources to check houses, such as other rescues or volunteers we have established in other counties and states.”

“Our biggest challenge is raising the funds to help all the horses in need. Our biggest expense is hay and that is something that is needed year round, on average we go through 120 large round bales a year.”

Double R Horse Rescue has had some wonderful horses pass through its gates.  Jami shared one such story.  “Stormy Joe is a great story, he was a 3 year old paint gelding who had his jaw shattered when his owner took a fence post to his face. Owner was arrested but law enforcement did not know what to do with him, they had been turned down by other rescues saying he was too far gone and could not be saved. After Double R Horse Rescue3 surgeries and over a year later he made a 100% recovery and turned out to be one of the best kids horses that has come through the rescue (he had a heart of gold) He was adopted out to a lovely family and will be loved and spoiled for the rest of his life.”

She is proud of the work that they do at the Double R Horse Rescue.  “I feel like we have worked hard to set high standards for our horses and the families they go to. In the 5 years we have had our doors open we have helped re-home over 400 horses and so far only 1 had to be taken from its owner because it was not a good fit. We strive to find the perfect fit not only for the new owner but also for the horse; we want everyone to be safe and happy. We also have a sanctuary side for the crippled or older horses that just need to retire in style.”


If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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