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Easy R Equine Rescue - Lubbock, Texas

The “R” in Easy R represents the three main goals for the sanctuary: rescue, rehabilitate and rehome.

In 2005, Angie Alspaugh and her husband Terry took in their first 2 horses, having no idea how rewarding the experience would be or what it would turn into. They founded Easy R Equine Rescue in 2009 to “provide respite to horses in need and allow other people to experience the joy of adopting a rescue horse,” says Angie.  The “R” in Easy R represents the three main goals for the sanctuary: rescue, rehabilitate and rehome. However, restoration, relaxation, rejuvenation and renewal can also be found by the horses and humans alike who visit and spend time here.

Most of the horses at Easy R arrive after being seized by local law enforcement due to neglect and/or abuse. Easy R does not usually take in owner surrenders, however they will make an exception if there are extenuating circumstances for the owner. All horses undergo an initial evaluation with a veterinarian for illness and injury. They are started on a refeeding program suited to their needs, including any medications or supplements. Horses at Easy R also see the farrier, dentist and an equine chiropractor when necessary.

Retraining at Easy R begins with an assessment of manageability, after which the horse is placed in either a foster home or with Angie and Terry. Each horse then begins work on ground manners, accepting a halter and loading in a trailer. “Because our organization is small, we do not have the funds to provide professional training to as many horses as we would like. Therefore, we have to vet potential adopters and try to locate people who have the desire and skill to adopt and train a rescue horse,” say Angie.

While Easy R does not provide therapy services, they do believe that being around horses is inherently therapeutic. “Many people work on their “stuff” when they are around the horses, often not even realizing it’s happening,” says Angie.  They were lucky enough to witness one of those moments last year when a group of students from a local charter school visited for volunteer activities. These children had hard home lives, difficulty in traditional schools and some behavioral problems. One young boy gravitated to a particular Mustang, after having been told the horse’s history of physical abuse before arriving at Easy R. “While the boy groomed this horse, we could hear him saying, “It’s not your fault. You are a good boy” over and over,” remembers Angie. One of the teachers later informed Angie that the young boy had a history very much like the Mustang and had continued talking about the “horse that had been abused” long after they left.

Easy R Equine Rescue offers community involvement in the form of field trips, day camps in the summer and various volunteer opportunities. Use the information below to find out how you can become involved or donate to help Angie and Terry continue providing the three R’s for the horses and individuals in their community.

Easy R Equine Rescue

Lubbock, Texas



If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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