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How Long Can a Horse Run? This Might Surprise You...

Last updated October 23, 2023 by Rachael Kraft

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action photo of a race horse and jockey on a grass track Watching a horse run at full speed or riding your horse at a gallop through open farmland is an astounding feeling. Horses are the extreme athletes of the animal world. Witnessing their power and strength can make you wonder – how long can a horse run? And how far can horses run? How fast can my horse really go?

The answers to these common questions depend on different factors – like training, age, breed, and type of terrain. In this article, we’ll dive into how long and how far a horse can run, top speeds, and why horses are so fast and so perfect for endurance racing.

Endurance Horse Races

There are two different types of long-distance competitions – endurance riding and long-distance trail riding. These races can be anywhere from 50 to 100 miles and even last more than one day. Unlike traditional sprint-distance horse races like the Triple Crown races, horses in endurance races have vet checks where they take a short break and are approved by a veterinarian to continue the race.

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Horses complete 10–12-mile loops then stop for the vet check multiple times during the race. Riders must know how to pace their horses to assure that they can complete the race and finish with a good time. These races aren’t just about endurance – since they take place on trails that have uphills, downhills, streams, and varied terrain. Riders and horses must have good communication and balance to complete the challenging course.

Having the right saddle is also super important for endurance horse racing. Check out this beautiful leather saddle specially designed for endurance horse racing.

Endurance horse racing is challenging to train for, but it’s an excellent demonstration of just how long and far a horse can run. It showcases a horse’s extreme athletic ability, speed, and perseverance.

Horses – Amazing Animals Built for Speed

When most people think of the fastest animal on the planet, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the cheetah. It’s true that cheetahs are extremely fast animals (they can sprint at a speed of more than 70 miles per hour) but they lack something important…endurance.

Horses are actually among the top 10 fastest animals on the planet – reaching speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. And they’re not just fast, they also have extreme stamina and endurance. Horses are amazing creatures designed for running at high speeds for long distances.

What makes it possible for a horse to run for so long? In part, it’s due to the unique design of a horse’s heart, legs, and lungs.

The Heart of the Matter – Horses Really Do Have BIG Hearts

Most horse owners will tell you that their horse has a big heart. But it turns out that it’s not just a figure of speech!

Scientifically speaking, horses really do have very large hearts. In fact, a horse heart weights 1% of a horse’s overall body weight. Just to give you an idea, your human heart weights less than 0.50% of your body weight. Secretariat, the most famous race horse of all time, had an abnormally large heart. His heart weighed 22 pounds!

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A bigger heart means more power to pump blood and oxygen through the body and more endurance strength, especially with training.

an action photo of a horses legs while they are runningStrong and Limber Horse Legs

Another important biological feature that makes horses great at endurance racing is their leg design. Horse legs are light and agile. Because they hardly have any muscle tissue on their lower limbs, they can move in a spring-like manner that allows them to gallop at high speeds for a long amount of time. A horse’s legs are both strong and elastic, making them perfect for high speeds on different terrains.

Powerful Lungs That Can Naturally “Blood Dope”

Any long-distance or short distance runner knows the importance of lung capacity when it comes to running. If you aren’t able to get enough air into your body, you aren’t going to go very far.

Horses have large lungs and a high lung capacity, making it easier for the horse’s body to move oxygen to where it needs to be. Horses also have a very special ability – natural blood doping. A horse’s body is designed to store large amounts of red blood cells in the spleen then release them to the body during intense exercise like running or racing.

This allows the horse’s body to transport more oxygen to the muscles, increasing a horse’s stamina, endurance, and performance.

How Fast Can a Horse Run?

How fast a horse can run depends on many different factors – breed, age, training, terrain, and distance. It can also depend on the horse’s gait, or type of movement. However, speaking in general terms, a typical horse can usually run anywhere from 25 to 30 mph.

If you ask the Guinness World Record Book the question: how fast can a horse run? You’ll find that the fastest a horse can run is 43.97 mph – that’s the fastest race speed for a two-furlong race. This record was set in 2008 by Winning Brew, a two-year-old chestnut-colored thoroughbred. She finished the quarter-mile race in an astonishing 20.57 seconds.

But, while she holds the record for fastest race speed, horses have been clocked in at even faster times than 43.97 mph. The fastest recorded horse speed is actually 55 mph – quarter horse race horses have reached this extreme speed during 1/2-mile races.

How Long Can a Horse Run at Full Speed?

Obviously, galloping at this speed requires a horse’s total focus, strength, and both physical and mental capacity. So, maintaining this top speed for long periods of time is very exhausting.

So, how long can a horse run at full speed? Well-trained endurance horses can usually gallop for 2-3 miles at full speed before slowing down to give their muscles a break. Obviously, not all horses are the same and some can run at full speeds longer than others.

The 4 Different Horse Gaits

A horse’s speed also depends on how the horse is moving. Horses have four gaits – walking, trotting, cantering, and galloping. There are different types of movements have different speeds and a horse can sustain each gait for a different amount of time. Walking is the slowest but most sustainable gait, while galloping is the fastest but most tiring gait for a horse.


This gait is the easiest and most sustainable for a horse. The typical walking speed for a healthy horse is around 4 miles per hour. Horses in the wild spend most of their day walking and grazing, so this is a very comfortable gait for your horse.

How far can a horse go at walking speed? At a walk, a horse can easily walk for around 8 hours, and cover from 25 to 35 miles without rest. A horse that is in better shape can walk faster and even longer than 8 hours.


The trot is a very efficient movement for your horse – it doesn’t require a lot of energy and it’s a comfortable movement for them. At a trot, a horse’s speed is around 8 miles per hour.

How far can a horse run while trotting? At a trot a horse can travel around 20 miles without becoming fatigued, but it’s always best to give your horse rest breaks and water breaks.

Canter / Lope

a photo of 3 horses trotting in a grass field This gait is more difficult on your horse because it is faster, and because the bouncy motion can take a toll on their leg muscles and joints. Although this gait is more comfortable for the rider, it’s more strenuous for the horse, making it a difficult gait to maintain over long periods of time.

At a canter, your horse can run at a speed of around 10 to 17 mph. How far can a horse run at a canter? A fit horse can run at a canter for around 7 miles.


This is the fastest gait your horse can run. It requires a lot of energy and is a difficult gait to maintain. Horses can gallop at a speed of 25 to 30 miles per hour. Race horses and certain breeds of horses can run even faster than that. Arabian horses can gallop around 40 miles per hour and Mustangs around 45 miles per hour!

How far can a horse run at a gallop? Since this is the fastest gait, horses can’t maintain this speed for a long time. At a gallop, a horse can go anywhere from two to two-and-a-half miles before tiring and slowing down.

How Long Can a Horse Run Without Stopping?

How far a horse can run depends on what speed the horse is running. A horse can trot for about 20 miles before getting tired and taking a break. At a canter, he can last around 7 miles. While galloping, your horse can run 2 or 2 1/2 miles before getting tired and stopping.

Horses are incredible strong and athletic animals. With proper training, they can run for long distances without giving up. Some endurance horses can run 100 miles in one day – of course, with breaks and rest time.

It’s important to know your horse’s capacity and limits and to respect your horse’s ability level and daily motivation during training sessions. Horses are capable of amazing feats, but riders should never take advantage of their abilities or push them to the point of exhaustion or put them in danger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can horses run at full speed?

An average race horse can gallop between 2 to 3 miles at full speed. However, for long-distance races, these horses don’t race the entire distance of the race at full speed. Usually, most of the time when races are over a mile long, racehorses only reach maximum speed during the final stretch of the race – for the last 15-20 seconds.

What is a horse’s top speed in miles per hour?

Quarter horses have reached speeds of up to 55 miles per hour during the final stretch of horse races. This is the fastest recorded time during a race. However, the Guinness World Record for fastest race speed for a horse is a little slower than that, at 43.97 mph. This record was set during a two-furlong race, a short distance race, and was set by Winning Brew.

What is the fastest horse breed?

Arabian horses, Mustangs, Thoroughbreds, and Quarter horses are some of the fastest breeds of horses. Arabian horses and Mustangs are more suited for long distances, while Thoroughbreds and Quarter horses are fit for short sprints and traditional horse racing.

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