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Far View Horse Rescue - Fairplay, Colorado

A Vibrant Volunteer and Education Program Fuel this Horse Rescue

far view horse rescueThe Far View Horse Rescue works to save abused and neglected horses while maintaining a vibrant volunteer and educational program.  The main farm is located on forty beautiful acres in Fairplay, Colorado.  We spoke with board members Kimberly Kissmann and Gena Osborn.  They explained that, "The non-profit organization started with a handful of horses and has blossomed since then."  

FVHR takes in abandoned, unwanted, and abused equines of all types, including horses, ponies, donkeys, mustangs, and burros.  Their first focus is always on establishing health and then on building relationships with the horses.

Kimberly shared some details of their training program, "We evaluate each horse monthly and volunteers follow an individualized chart for each equine, starting with foundation skills and gaining trust skills.  If/when the equine is up to it, we find what job they would be good at.  Jobs include becoming a cart pulling equine, trail, pleasure, English, Western or speed events horse."  Some horses receive foundation skills and then find a home as simply a companion horse.

We've heard from many rescues that this work is a way for 'people to help horses and for horses to help people.'  This is especially evident with this organization.  To start, the FVHR has an summer day horse camp for children that serves the dual purpose of educating and raising funds for the animals.  They also have partnerships with a local conservation center, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, LAPS, Boys and Girls Clubs, Keystone Science School, and 4-H clubs.   "The youth programs allow kids to learn more about caring for horses, responsiblity, and creating bonding relationships with various equines."

far view horse rescue"Our rescue's success is built around teamwork and using confidence, commitment and clear communication while working with our rescues and each other.  In turn, 95% of our adoptable equines have been matched up with good forever homes."

The organization is run entirely by a team of volunteers who gain a great deal from their work.  Kimberly shared, "While volunteers of all abilities and background are vital to the success of our horse rescue, those who come to help care for the horses directly testify of the therapeutic value gained working with our horses.  These important life skills include communication, commitment, confidence, and vital leadership skills to become a positive contributing community member."

To learn more about FVHR, be sure to check out their website!

Get Involved:

Far View Horse Rescue
Location:  Fairplay, CO
Donate:  PO Box 1529, Fairplay, CO 80440

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