Horse Rescues in Florida

DreamCatchers Horse Ranch and Rescue – Clermont, FL

Many people who venture to central Florida are in search of Mickey Mouse and adventure parks. But the Dream Catchers Horse Ranch and Rescue, located just 30 minutes from Disney World, is more focused on rescuing horses and transforming their lives.

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Front Range Equine Rescue - Ocala, FL

All of Front Range Equine Rescue’s horses owe their lives to a horse named Dancer. “Because of Dancer I realized other horses were in bad to even worse shape and needed help.”

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Horse Protection Association of Florida - Micanopy, Florida

This rescue gained steam after the devastating Hurricane Andrew swept through in August of 1992. Today, they have a beautiful 150 acre farm.

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Howey Horse Haven Rescue - Howey in the Hills, Florida

Howey Horse Haven Rescue started with two little heads poking through a fence trying desperately to find food. Teresa Meixner just couldn’t resist those big sad eyes when driving past that fence any longer. “You can’t look at suffering like that and do nothing,” she says. Those two abandoned miniature horses became the catalyst for opening HHHR on May 13, 2013.

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Triple L Horse Rescue – Hilliard, Florida

Sometimes success is measured in knowing you were there for that soul that had no one until you were there for it and helped it cross on from this world to greener pastures. That too, is success.

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Triple R Horse Rescue – Tallahassee, Florida

Linda Bruns said that many of the horses “came to us as walking skeletons and are now living to ripe old ages. Some came as babies so filled with worms the vet was sure they wouldn’t live — yet today they are on the eventing circuit.” The joy and hope that comes from nursing a horse back to life keeps Linda and volunteers at Triple R going.

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