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Freeman Arabian Ranch & Rescue – Meriden, Kansas

Freeman Arabian Ranch is a forever rescue sanctuary.

Freeman Arabian Ranch & Rescue sits on thirty-nine lush acres of land in Meriden, Kansas. It is home to a herd of Arabian horses that will spend the remainder of their days happy, healthy, and well-cared for.

Tricia Freeman, Founder and CEO of Freeman Arabian Ranch, and her husband Jeff are both life-long animal lovers who have devoted their lives to animal rescue and advocacy. Volunteering at other rescue organizations deepened their passion and showed them they needed to do more. As a result, they started Freeman Arabian Ranch, which was officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity in July 2015.

Freeman Arabian Ranch is a forever rescue sanctuary. They don’t breed, sell, or adopt out. Because they rescue horses for life, the number of horses they are able to rescue is limited. Most of these horses are Arabian horses, with advancing age, medical conditions, physical limitations, and other imperfections.

At this Kansas sanctuary, these horses are given the utmost care and love. In a recent interview with Tricia Freeman, she explained that at Freeman Arabian Ranch, “we do not ride, show, or compete – we simply enjoy the love, loyalty, friendship and companionship horses offer. We are content feeding, grooming and spending quality time with them. Our horses don’t work for us, we work for them.”

And there’s a lot of work to do at Freeman Arabian Ranch. From giving each horse personal attention and care and providing aid to animals in the local community, to collaborating with other rescues and public speaking about responsible pet ownership, Tricia has plenty to do. Their biggest challenge and need, however, is funding. These additional funds would go towards caring for the lifetime cost of each horse at the sanctuary, as well as future expansion at Freeman Arabian Ranch.

Tricia and her husband are proud to be a forever rescue sanctuary. Though there are difficulties, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Tricia says the horses “who come into our care become permanent members of our rescue family and live out their lives with us never knowing hunger, neglect, cruelty, fear or abandonment ever again.”

At Freeman Arabian Ranch, they really do go above and beyond, taking in challenged horses who would not be easily homed. In 2016, a senior stallion was in dire need of a new home. Despite their best efforts, they could not find another home for this unique horse. Rather than giving up, the Freemans borrowed money and built stallion/quarantine facilities so they could welcome Sha-Ron into their rescue family. Sha-Ron recently celebrated his 29th birthday and is happy and healthy at Freeman Arabian Ranch.

When asked about their greatest successes, Tricia responded that their greatest success is the health and happiness of each of their rescue family members. You can help contribute to their success by donating to Freeman Arabian Ranch. All donations are appreciated and go toward helping care for the rescued animals for the rest of their lives.

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Freeman Arabian Ranch & Rescue


Location: Meriden, Kansas

Donations: P.O. Box 75 Meriden, Kansas 66512

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