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Horse Rescues in Georgia

Riley’s Rescue Ranch - Guyton, Georgia

Jessica Meyer and Mary Close met while working in a local therapeutic riding program and came to realize that they shared a dream of rescuing horses. The two women decided to open a program that combined their desire to rescue horses in need with the work they were already doing through equine therapy. They wanted a rescue that would serve as a place for horses that needed to retire from their previous lives and owners who no longer wanted to or couldn’t care for them.

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Save the Horses - Cumming, Georgia

25,000 volunteer hours per year allow this organization to rescue retired racehorses and other abandoned equines. Rescued animals include off-track thoroughbreds, blind horses, horses from animal control, those that the owners can no longer care for, and horses at death’s door.

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Second Chances Equine Rescue – Hinesville, Georgia

Founder Andrea L. Doolittle has seen how the healing power of horses can have a positive effect on the many members of the military who visit her rescue. Helping these rescue horses overcome their physical and mental injuries allows the military volunteers to find peace and friendship.

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Stamp Out Starvation of Horses – Clarksville, Georgia

Stamp Out Starvation of Horses, or SOS, is located in a very rural part of North Georgia. Much of the area is poverty-stricken, and as a result, many owners are unable to provide for their horses. Many people leave their horses in their yards, in poor conditions and without enough food. To combat this problem, Sue Chapman organized SOS, and it made an immediate impact on the horse community in Georgia.

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