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Greenfield Equine Retirement Farm - Reedville, Virginia

“We want their last days to be their best days..”

At Greenfield Equine Retirement Farm the mission is to provide a forever home for each of the horses that finds its way here. “We want their last days to be their best days,” states Angela Self, one of the founders of Greenfield Farm. Specializing in elderly horses that need a place to live the life that they have left, it all began with the simple act of helping a friend in need.

When Patricia Fox came to Virginia to do some work on her property, she brought her three horses with her so they could enjoy the land and stay at the farm. “On the third day, I arrived to find Comanche, a sweet Appaloosa, who’d been given to me by someone who no longer could care for him, standing by corral gate not moving. The ground had been torn apart as if an excavator had been there. Apparently, sometime between 9 pm the previous night and 9 am the next morning, he had somehow injured his hip by falling and worked all night to get up on his feet,” remembers Patricia. Comanche’s prognosis was not good and Patricia mentioned to her neighbor, Angela, that she was concerned about him making the trip home and that it may be time to put him down.

Angela immediately stepped up and said that she would take care of Comanche as long as he lived. “In that matter of time she setup a course of taking care of horses that had outlived their usefulness but still wanted to be a horse, or ones that lost their owners by sudden death and had no family to take them on,” says Patricia. Over the past four years the two women have worked together to take in rescues that have been surrendered by their owners, seized due to abuse and neglect, and retired horses that just need a place to live out their golden years.

Greenfield operates as a 24/7 farm so that each horse is able to receive love and attention at all times. They work very closely with the veterinarian and farrier to assess each horse’s individual needs and work with them daily on rehabilitation. “Our goal is to be able to turn them out in the pastures for their remaining days and let them bond with the herd,” says Angela.

Since Greenfield serves as a forever home for all of the horses that come to them, it provides a unique opportunity to see their rescues grow and flourish. This is the case with Prince, who arrived to the farm in November of 2015 in critical condition. He was given a body score of 1 after being evaluated by the vet. Despite his troubling state, Prince was able to make a remarkable recovery and is currently enjoying the pastures and his friends at Greenfield, where he recently celebrated his 41st birthday.

All of the horses at the farm are cared for thanks to the donations of caring supporters. Please use the information below to find out how you can help give these horses the retirement they deserve.

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Greenfield Equine Retirement Farm

Reedville, Virginia



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