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Harmony Farm Animal Haven, Inc. - Salisbury, North Carolina

“We specialize in animals with disabilities and cases of abuse, neglect, starvation and advanced age.”

Harmony Farm Rescue North CarolinaHarmony Farm Animal Haven was created by two women with a straightforward goal: to create a place that took in equines and farm animals without discrimination. A place that accepted them regardless of their ability to be used for work, ridden, or the likelihood of adoption in the future.  This was not a spontaneous decision, rather, one that was sparked by four animals who created a lasting impact.

“Our rescue started by taking in three senior horses, one with neurological and breathing issues, one with cancer and Cushing’s disease, and a 33 year old blind Appaloosa,” remembers Crista Stubbs. When only the Appaloosa remained, rather than leave her alone, they began the search to find her a new friend. The search led them to a one-eyed pony for sale. “When I got there to see him, he was severely emaciated, abused, his blind eye was oozing down his face, he was covered in lice and living in a tiny pen with four emaciated cows. There were emaciated animals everywhere,” she remembers.

They immediately knew that they could not leave him in those conditions. “He rode home quietly, surely knowing that life had nowhere to go but up,” says Crista. When Pablo, as he came to be known, finally met the Appaloosa, it was love at first sight. “They were best friends, it was the quickest bond I’ve ever witnessed,” Crista recounts.

Harmony Farm Rescue North CarolinaAlthough Pablo was heartbroken when his friend passed, he would come to have many more friends. “He was the start of our realization that small ponies and minis are neglected nearly as often as horses, that their needs are just as great and their lives are just as important,” Crista says.  Harmony Farm is now home to five minis, one chestnut gelding, a mini pig and a lamb. The minis have become a specialty at Harmony Farm, something they are very proud to be known for.

“We specialize in animals with disabilities and cases of abuse, neglect, starvation and advanced age,” Crista explains. “Because of this, our herd is small and needy, many of the animals cannot be adopted. The only factor we consider is quality of life.”

Rehabilitation and training at Harmony Farm takes time and patience. “We begin gentle and casual ground work, slowly as trust and health allow,” explains Crista. Due to the disabilities of the horses, many are not rideable. However, those that can, work with nearby trainers that only utilize trust-building methods and never use fear tactics.

Please use the information below to get to know the animals at Harmony Farm and find out what you can do to help. The animals are available for sponsor and every dollar raised helps pave the road to their successful future.

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Harmony Farm Animal Haven, Inc.

Salisbury, North Carolina



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