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Healing Hands Horsemanship Inc. - Gardnerville, Nevada

“Follow your dreams” and “Do what you love!”

Gina Hery grew up surrounded by friends and family who always said to “follow your dreams” and “do what you love”. As the daughter of George Hery, the first professional World Champion trampolinist, she was inspired by his accomplishments and knew that following your dreams meant you could accomplish big things in life. Horses were always a childhood fantasy for Gina and at a very young age, when her uncle placed her on top of one of his prized stallions, that fantasy became a lifelong passion.

horse rescue nevadaGina started Healing Hands Horsemanship Inc. to follow her dream to enrich the lives of others with her rescue horses and ponies. Her vision, which started in 2015 as a backyard program with a pregnant mare and a few key students, has become a federally recognized horse rescue with locations in Gardernville, Nevada and Elk Grove, California.

HHHI is a small program that rescues domestic horses and ponies, which are eventually evaluated for either the lessons program and/or adoption. Once accepted, all horses and ponies are evaluated and treated by a veterinarian to determine each animal’s individual needs and limitations, if there are any. Training at HHHI is a process that teaches not only the horses, but the students that spend their time here as well.  Everyone, horse and human alike, works and learns together at HHHI.

Students of all ages and abilities are welcome at HHHI, where they learn horse care and handing skills. While riding is a portion of the lessons, they are also learning about horse ownership and the responsibilities that go along with it, such as pre-veterinary care and horse training. “HHHI’s professional coaches and volunteer staff will prepare students to potentially be knowledgeable horse owners or professionals, while caring for and training the rescue horses,” says Gina.

HHHI counts the growth that they see in their students as some of their greatest successes. As Gina says, “their determination to learn, conquer their fears, become physically stronger and make lifelong friends with the horses and the people who come together for the purpose of horse rescue is inspiring. Through each of their individual challenges, our students continue to participate and grow.”

Adoption from HHHI functions somewhat differently than other rescues, based on matching horses or ponies with their students throughout the training process. Any student eligible for adopting must have completed ten levels of horsemanship and horse care knowledge, provided by the professionals at HHHI. This not only helps to ensure the care of the horse, but allows the bond between the horse and its potential owner to grow and strengthen mutually over time.

Please use the information below to find out how you can donate to HHHI or to sign up for lessons. Your contributions are much appreciated and every little bit helps to allow HHHI’s students to follow their dreams just like Gina continues to do today.

Healing Hands Horsemanship Inc.

Gardnerville, Nevada & Elk Grove, California



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