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Helping Hands Healing Hooves – Cedarburg, WI

A Simple Dream. A Dash of Hope. A Touch of Faith. Endless Possibilities.

Helping Hands Healing Hooves provides “A simple dream.  A dash of hope.  A touch of faith.  Endless possibilities.”  It’s a beautiful sentiment for a rescue that focuses on using therapeutic riding techniques to help those with disabilities.  HHHH has been operating from Cedarburg, WI since 2006.

HHHH takes in a variety of horses including a mini pinto mare, a mini donkey both from a broken home, a pony and gelding whose owner lost her job and could no longer care for them, two paint mares, a young gelding, a few walkers, a Paso, and other grade horses. 

Each of these animals is cared for by the HHHH staff along with two veterinarians and a Purina representative.  Together, this band of caring people create quality rehabilitation and nutritional support programs for the animals. 

A rescue representative named Deb shared these successes: “Helping the horses [recover] and watching them help our clients – people of all ages with many differing disabilities; seeing the amazing connections; watching our staff and volunteers be as richly rewarded as the clients and horses…”

The organization has two of Mark Rashid’s resident trainers to oversee the horse rescue re-training program.  Both trainers have extensive training with rescued horses.

Most times, adopters reach out to the organization.  On occasion, horses are listed on the website for adoption.  HHHH usually has a list of possible adopters, including references that have been researched and have participated in site visits.

The biggest challenge is finances and other necessities such as feed, hay, and overhead expenses.

 “We truly love what we do.  We frequently hear from our “non-horsey” volunteers how impressed they are with the horses’ personalities and overall understanding…we’ve seen non-verbal clients speak and wheel chair bound clients move freely…[along with the] transformation of rescued horses…”

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Helping Hands Healing Hooves



Location: Cedarburg, Wisconsin


If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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