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Homeward Horse and Hound - Hattiesburg, Mississippi

It all began with a hound named Sadie.

Homeward Horse and Hound MississippiShe was a sweet, emaciated, scared, stray puppy that surprised everyone by giving birth to six little ones of her own.  The birth was through emergency c-section, not long after showing up. Caring for Sadie and her babies opened her newfound family’s eyes to the lack of options, specifically for hounds, in the area. As a result, they began teaming up with local rescues to build a larger network of people within the community willing to help animals in need.

Word of their compassion spread and not long after they received a call about two horses being seized by law enforcement. Both horses, Penny and Legend (photo below), were malnourished and emaciated. However, after entering this newly formed network, they were able to make a full recovery. These three animals became the namesake for what, in 2016, officially became Homeward Horse and Hound.

In January of 2017, Homeward Horse and Hound was called to help with a situation that involved a large variety of farm animals, a situation which forced everyone to adapt on the spot. With no large animal rescue in South Mississippi, their mission immediately expanded to include the animals that no one knows what to do with when they are found wandering or neglected. These “oddities”, as they have been lovingly dubbed, include ducks, chickens, goats and pigs.

Homeward Horse and Hound MississippiHomeward Horse and Hound functions through foster homes and dedicated individuals willing to step up for these animals. All animals are evaluated by the veterinarian as soon as possible. “Depending on their condition, they either stay at her clinic, or go directly to an experienced foster,” says Cassandra Bates. All foster homes follow predetermined feeding guidelines based on their bloodworm and the condition of their teeth. Homeward Horse and Hound works with a larger horse rescue in the state to train the horses once they have been rehabilitated. “Our hope is to get our own facility in order to retrain within our own rescue,” says Cassandra.

The animals that find their way to Homeward Horse and Hound come primarily from law enforcement seizures. While this means they often receive animals that come from the worst situations, they use their experience and position to try and make the largest possible impact. “We work solely with law enforcement to better educate the public, ensure a higher number of cases reach court, and look forward to offering a unique opportunity for the public to get to know more about proper care of animals,” Cassandra explains.

Homeward Hound and Horse has found that most of the people that they work with just want to help, yet many of them don’t know state laws regarding animals or are not well enough informed to determine the severity of a situation. This is why education within the community is of the utmost importance, allowing more people to properly serve the animals that need their help in a way that is safe for both parties.

Use the information below to find out how you can contribute or become part of their life-saving network. Every bit counts for the horses, hounds and oddities at Homeward Horse and Hound.

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Homeward Horse and Hound

Hattiesburg, Mississippi



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