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Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue - Afton, Virginia

“We are an all-breed rescue so we get everything from minis to draft horses and anything in between.”

Hopes Legacy horse rescueMaya Proulx grew up with horses, always having at least one rescue horse at any time. She knew that she wanted to help horses on a larger scale and in 2008 she started Hope’s Legacy with the rescue of, oddly enough, a single donkey.  That one donkey and Maya’s dream have grown into a rescue that has helped over 150 horses, ponies, and donkeys.

Hope’s Legacy receives many of its horses from Animal Control cases, but is also a safe place for animals that have been surrendered when owners are no longer able to care for them. Due to the wide variety of animals in need, Hope’s Legacy takes in any equine that needs assistance. “We are an all-breed rescue so we get everything from minis to draft horses and anything in between,” says Maya.

Maya and her team work very closely with their veterinarians to come up with customized rehabilitation programs for each horse that comes into their program. “We work with a network of area trainers to evaluate and create a training program for the horses that need it,” Maya states. Horses that enter the training program spend 30 to 90 days with a professional trainer before they are considered ready for adoption.

Unfortunately, not all horses are able to participate in the training programs as they are unable to be ridden. “One of the biggest challenges we face is trying to find homes for our ‘companion-only’ horses, very few people want to support a horse that is not able to be ridden,” says Maya. This doesn’t stop Maya and the team at Hope’s Legacy from providing care and love to all horses, regardless of their ability.

When looking back on the years at Hope’s Legacy, Maya chooses to remember one particularly busy time as a big success. “In October of 2015 we took in 29 horses from the Peaceable Farm case in Orange County,” remembers Maya. It began with a call from the Orange County Sheriff needing their help with a massive farm raid. 101 emaciated and neglected horses, donkeys and mules were being seized and Hope’s Legacy was there to offer a safe place for 29 of them.

But the rescue was not destined to settle down just yet. Five months later, they were contacted about another raid. This time 40 horses were being seized. Hope’s Legacy took in 19 horses that day, two of which were pregnant. “The horses arrived in varying levels of emaciation, many with chemical burns,” May recounts. “Our amazing volunteers and supporters really rose to the occasion and made it possible for us to assist all of those horses.”

Use the information below to find out how you can become a part of this dedicated team by volunteering time, donating, or participating in their Capital Campaign to raise money for their new location. Maya and her team have been able to do amazing things with the support and dedication of those around them, you can be a part of their continued efforts.

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