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Grooming Kits for Horses

Last updated March 4, 2024 by Brook Norris

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Every horse owner knows that keeping your horse groomed is an important aspect of taking care of your horse. Not only does regular grooming keep your horse looking great, but it has a variety of health benefits too. Keeping your horse up-to-date on their grooming helps to increase blood flow and promote healthy skin, massages their muscles, and can also prevent thrush. Of course, let’s not forget about the benefits that grooming our horses has for us horse owners. It increases the bond that we have with our horses, and gives us some outdoor time and exercise!

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What Should a Horse Grooming Kit Contain?

It can seem pretty overwhelming to groom a horse if you never have before. A quick search online, or even a quick trip to the local tack store will have you bogged down with tons of horse grooming accessories. That’s why horse grooming kits are so nice to have.

Although there are a lot of grooming tools that could be including inside of a horse grooming kit, there are a few staples that a kit MUST contain:

  • Rubber Curry Comb: This is maybe the most basic horse grooming tool that’s out there, but it’s definitely crucial to have. These combs are used to remove shedding hair, as well as any caked mud and dirt that’s trapped in a horse’s coat.

  • Brush: You’ll want to have at least 1 brush in your grooming kit. Some horses prefer hard brushes while other horses may prefer a medium stiff brush, depending on how sensitive they are. If your horse shows any opposition or pain to a hard brush, try brushing slower and in a more gentle manner, or switch up to a medium stiff brush.

  • Mane and Tail Comb: The brush that’s used on the body of your horse is different from what’s used on their mane and tail, simply because it’s different hair. Their mane and tale needs to be detangled, and some horse owners like to thin out manes and tails as well.

  • Hoof Pick: Last but not least, any good horse grooming kit needs to have a hoof pick. The primary purpose of this pick is to get rid of any dirt or debris that may get stuck in their hooves. However, it should be noted that the primary care of your horse’s hooves should be done by a farrier. The hoof pick just serves as a maintenance in between farrier visits.

#1. Our Most Recommended Horse Grooming Kit: Oster Horse Grooming Kit

Oster is a popular brand in equine products. They offer professional-grade horse care products, at really reasonable price points. There are a few reasons that I chose their kit as our choice for the best horse grooming kit out there:

  • It’s simple - there are no unneeded extra products

  • It’s fast and convenient

  • It keeps your grooming products neat and organized

  • The storage case is easy to carry and transport

  • It has everything that you need to groom your horse from head to toe

  • It’s affordable

Oster Horse Grooming Kit

The Oster Horse Grooming Kit is available on their website and on Amazon to purchase. It’s typically priced for around $50.

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#2. Runner-Up: Weaver Horse Grooming Kit

A close second place is the horse grooming kit produced by Weaver. Similarly to Oster, Weaver makes high quality products for equestrians. Their grooming kit is really similar to the one offered by Oster. The only reason that it was chosen as a second choice is that the bag isn’t as conveniently shaped (Hey, when they’re this similar… You have to be nit-picky.) Personally, I prefer the lunchbox style bag as opposed to the rounded bag on this kit. However, there are a few things I really like about this kit:

  • It comes in an array of colors

  • The shoulder strap is adjustable

  • It has all the basic horse grooming essentials

  • The bag is easy to clean

  • It’s affordable

Weaver Horse Grooming Kit

You can find the Weaver grooming kit on many online tack websites, it’s also available on Amazon. It’s very comparable in price to the Oster kit, normally priced right around $50.

Check Current Pricing on Amazon

#3. Long River Horse Grooming Kit

Maybe I’m a little biased because I’m a sucker for neutral colors, but I really like the aesthetics of this horse grooming kit. The kit contains 10 pieces that includes 2 body brushes, a sweat scraper, mane and tail brush & comb, hoof pick and cleaning spine, a grooming glove, and a rectangle-shaped lunch box style storage container.

This horse grooming kit is also environmentally friendly; as almost all of the items in the kit are made from wood rather than plastic.

The quality of the products themselves are good, I do find myself wishing that the storage container was a little bit large. It’s a tight squeeze with all of the products inside the kit.

The kit costs around $50 and can be purchased directly on Amazon.

Long River Horse Grooming Kit

Check Current Pricing on Amazon

#4. Harrison Howard Horse Grooming Kit

Harrison Howard offers a wide variety of horse care products such as fly masks, horse products, grooming tools, and saddlery. Their kit is a bit different from the Oster and Weaver kits. This horse grooming kit contains:

  • A medium stiff brush

  • A soft brush

  • Finish brush

  • Curry comb

  • Mane and tail brush

  • Hoof pick

  • Tail comb

  • Sweat scraper

  • 500 plaiting bands

Harrison Howard Horse Grooming Kit

I will say that the brush quality in this kit is okay. It’s nothing to write home about,  but it’ll get the job done. This kit is the same price as the Oster and Weaver ones, so if you prefer getting a few extra brushes, a sweat scraper, and want to practice your plaiting or braiding skills too, this is a good option. The designs that it’s available in are pretty cool too.

It’s available for around $50 to purchase on Amazon.

Check Current Pricing on Amazon

#5. Kids Horse Grooming Kit

This horse grooming kit is perfect if you have a little girl who loves to help out with horse chores. The second kit on our list made by Weaver, this kit comes in both pink and purple and features a glitter and heart design on all of the tools. It has all the basic necessities for grooming, and to be made for kids - the quality is decent too. This kit is a great option for a kid to be able to get in grooming practice and get their hands dirty with taking care of horses. It’s available on Amazon for around $30 when it’s priced regularly.

Kids Horse Grooming Kit

Check Current Pricing on Amazon

#6. Personalized Horse Grooming Kit

If you want a horse grooming kit that offers a bit of personalization, I really like this kit that is available on Etsy. The kit itself comes with a flexible brush, hard brush, mane comb, hoof pick, mane and tail brush, and a sweat scraper. The bag is oversized with plenty of compartments, and it has an arm strap. The bag itself is currently available in red, gray, or blue. You can get yours or your horse’s name on the kit in permanent vinyl on each grooming tool, and it’s also embroidered directly on the bag. Since this is a handmade kit, the price fluctuates pretty often.

Personalized Horse Grooming Kit

You can learn more by checking out the listing, it’s offered by the shop Shepherd Embroidery Co on Etsy.

How to Groom a Horse

When it comes to horse grooming kits, the most important thing is that you find a kit that works well for both you and your horse. A groomed horse is a healthy horse! If you have never groomed a horse before, you may want to check out this step-by-step video from Equine Helper:

Horse Grooming FAQs

How many times a week do I need to brush my horse?

Horses should be brushed on a daily basis to promote healthy skin and coat.

Do horses like being groomed?

Most horses love to be groomed, as long as it’s done consistently. Grooming can be uncomfortable for a horse if they go too long in between grooms and there is an abundance of dirt, mud, or debris build-up, or tangled hair.

What horse brush should be used first during grooming?

Curry combs should be used first during horse grooming to remove any surface build up.

What happens if you don’t groom a horse?

Think of grooming a horse like maintaining your car. If you don’t get your car maintained regularly, it’s not going to perform at its best. Similarly, a horse that is not consistently groomed is not able to perform at their best either.

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