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Horse Helpers of the High Country – Boone, NC

Giving Sick, Abused and Unwanted Horses a Second Chance

Horse Helpers of the High Country is nestled along the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Anywhere from 12-17 horses can reside on Wisteria Farm in Boone, NC. Once there, horses are able to receive the rehabilitation, care, and second chance they desperately need. HHHC also works with authorities to find other solutions when possible.

Their main goal is to ensure each horse is in the place where they will receive the best care, whether it is remaining at home, being placed on the farm, or finding their new forever home. They have a fund to aid good owners who face economic hardship. For horses who do find themselves on the farm, there is a lengthy adoption process to ensure a suitable fit. If the horse is not able to stay in their adopted home, they are returned to the farm.

They also have a 4-H club, a foster program, a sponsorship program, educational opportunities and workshops, and experiential programs. HHHC is an active member in the community, attending and hosting events, providing a place for people to come together, and offering aid throughout North Carolina and Tennessee. No one describes it better than Amy, the current HHHC president:

“When the rescue moved to its current location we anticipated rescuing horses and nothing more. What became apparent was this was a safe place for people too. It became a place where children, adults, and seniors interacted. "Regular" people worked happily alongside and with people with disabilities. People with different ethnic backgrounds, skin colors, and religious beliefs came together in a common goal and people with wide socioeconomic circumstances worked together with mutual respect.”

They have even written a book, Chester’s Barn. The book shares their story of rescue, security, friendship, and family with more people. In a small way, anyone who reads the book is brought into the fold of this special community too. Some luck children have a chance to interact more personally with the story. Amy explains, “We now do approximately 20 trips a year to schools in a 100 mile area where we read the book, sing a song written about Chester, and then allow the children to lead one of three miniature horses.”

The book tells the true story of a miniature horse named Chester. When he arrived at the farm, he was still a baby in need of a mother to nurture him. At the time, there was a horse there, Fiona, who was in need of a baby to nurture. She was recovering from cancer and had been separated from her baby to help her heal.

At first, they wanted nothing to do with each other. They stayed on opposite sides of the pasture. But, the HHHC community remained hopeful. They needed each other. After some time, they grew to depend on each other. For the seven months they were together, they supported each other. Once Fiona was healed and Chester was more mature socially, they moved on to new adventures. Without each other, they may not have been able to reach those milestones.

This story of hope and others like it are what keep the HHHC community going. But, they have a number of pressing needs that must be addressed so they can continue their impact in the equine community. Below is a list of needs for anyone wishing to help.

They need funds to cover their 70,000 in annual operating expenses. A permanent farm is needed too. They are currently on someone else's property. But, this is only meant to be a temporary location until they can move to their own property.

One more huge need is for a tractor. This would help them accomplish many routine tasks and maintenance jobs more efficiently. They also accept donations of tools and tack to replace worn items around the farm. Anything they can’t use on the farm can be sold to cover expenses.

Horse Helpers of the High Country


Boone, NC

If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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