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Horse Protection Association of Florida - Micanopy, Florida

Rescuing Horses in the Land of Hurricanes

hpaf pic 1The Horse Protection Association of Florida was founded by Miami-native, Morgan Silver. Morgan has a long history of riding and training many breeds including Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Andulusians, Tennessee Walkers and even Draft Horses. In addition to numerous training credentials, she also presented equine cruelty investigation training to law enforcement and animal service officers. With this wide range of experience, it only made sense for her to found the Horse Protection Association of Florida in 1990.

The HPAF was created when Morgan began seeing cases of horse abuse in Miami Dade County. She witness a case of abuse at a nearby horse rental agency and was frustrated to hear back from the authorities that 'things were fine.' She persevered with the case until 15 abused rental horses were seized and rescued. The HPAF operation started small with rescued horses being fostered in people's backyards.

Things changed rapidly when Hurricane Andrew hit in August of 1992. After the storm, the local area was a disaster zone with homes and barns leveled. Horses roamed freely over the land. A local feed and supply store generously offered their farm and 180 recaptured horses were brought to the farm so they could be reunited with their owners. Injured horses were taken to the triage hospital at the Tropical Park Equestrian Center.

hpaf pic 2In October of 1992, the HPAF moved the remaining homeless horses to numerous facilities across the region caring for them and find their new homes. Despite this busy time, by 1996, the HPAF was in severe financial straits and in danger of folding. Luckily, one of their rescues, a palomino mare named Sandy, was featured on the local news. Hundreds of animal lovers donated funds and the rescue was saved. Finally, in 1997, the HPAF was able to lease their first real farm. The current facilities are located in 150 acres of high quality grazing land in beautiful Northwest Marion County.

Today, the HPAF works hard to rehabilitate and retrain all of the horses that arrive at their facility. They use the principles of Parelli Natural Horsemanship in their training program to create a trusting bond between human and horse. If you would like to help this rescue in Florida, check out their contact information below.

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Horse Protection Association of Florida
Location: Micanopy, Florida
Donate: 20690 NW 130th Avenue, Micanopy, Florida 32667
Trailer: NEED 20-24', 7 ft or taller stock trailer

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