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Horse Rescue Trailer Donation and Sharing Program

Many of the rescues on our Horse Rescue Corner list do not own their own horse trailers.  This becomes a problem when they need to transport horses in a hurry.  Trailers are needed to get these horses away from dangerous situations so they can begin the long process of healing and recovery.

In order to help contribute towards this effort, Double D Trailers has set up a Horse Rescue Trailer Donation and Sharing Program.  Individuals across the country are encouraged to:

  • Temporarily donate the use of your trailer to local rescues in your home state.
  • Fully donate ownership of your old trailer to a rescue of your choosing.

Here’s how it works!

Horse Trailer Sharing: 

If you want to make a huge difference for your local horse rescue, you can sign up for Trailer Sharing.  This type of contribution is perfect for people who care about this issue but are unable to make regular monetary or volunteer commitments.  Instead, you would help periodically when horse transport is needed. 

Your name would be on a list for a local rescue to call upon in their times of need.  Simply show up with your truck and trailer to help transport horses when contacted.  This is a great way to periodically donate your time and use of your trailer.  Depending on the horse rescue, you could be called in just for one emergency situation, or you may choose to create a lasting and ongoing trailer sharing relationship with that organization.  You retain the right to choose when and how your trailer is used.

horse rescue trailer donation

To sign up for Trailer Sharing, please view the profile of a horse rescue in your home state.  At the bottom of their profile, post a comment with the following information:

"I would like to sign up for TRAILER SHARING.  I can donate the use of my trailer periodically in your times of need."

Trailer Type: (stock, straight load, slant load)

Trailer Size: (2, 3, 4 horse)


Contact Information:  (phone, email, OR Facebook profile)


Horse Trailer Donation: 

If you have a horse trailer that you no longer need or want, you may choose to fully donate a trailer to a rescue in your home state.  In order to do this, please post the following comment in the profile of your chosen rescue:

“I would like FULLY DONATE MY TRAILER.  I can transfer full ownership over to your organization so you have a trailer to continue your rescue work." 

Trailer Type: (stock, straight load, slant load)

Trailer Size: (2, 3, 4 horse)


Contact Information:  (phone, email, OR Facebook profile)


Information for the Horse Rescue Organization: 

Many of you have come to use asking for horse trailer donations, so we hope that this program makes a difference for your organization.  If you would like to find more people to donate or sign up for trailer sharing, please share your Horse Rescue Corner profile and this information page URL on your website and social media.  As word spreads, we hope to attract more attention and receive more trailer donation and sharing offers.  To view the list of offers for your particular rescue, check out the comments section below your individual Horse Rescue Corner profile

It is our hope that this Horse Rescue Trailer Donation and Sharing Program will help create new relationships between rescue organizations and local citizens.  If you have any questions about this program, feel free to contact rkraft@doubledtrailers.com.

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