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Horse Rescues in Nevada

LBL Equine Rescue – Silver Springs, Nevada

Brittany was just searching for a project horse. When she went to a local auction, she fell in love with a beautiful young colt. Unfortunately, the little colt was snatched by a kill buyer. Though Brittany begged and begged, offering to pay him double the price, the kill buyer wouldn’t budge. That day, Brittany came home without a horse, but with a passion and a drive to help save horses from abuse, neglect, and horrible deaths

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White Horse Youth Ranch – Las Vegas, NV

Amy fell in love with horses as a little girl, and always dreamed of owning one. However, she didn’t get to live this dream until later. She “prayed for several months and God revealed a beautiful vision of a youth ranch to inspire confidence through compassion in socially-challenged youth.” And so, White Horse Youth Ranch was born.

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