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What You Should Know When Pricing Horse Trailers for Sale

Unlike many other industries, horse trailer manufacturing is not government regulated.  That means the quality of each company’s products varies with their particular goals. 

Are they interested in making the best quality trailer with top safety features? 

Or, are they just interested in making a buck with cheaper techniques and less effective materials?

What Makes a “High Value” Trailer?

If we asked you if you’d rather have a ‘cheap’ trailer or an ‘over-priced’ trailer, you’d probably answer ‘neither.’ 

A cheap trailer implies that the company is more concerned with making money than offering the highest quality product.  These are the companies whose primary goal is to cut costs and set attractive pricing to lure in customers.  They may opt for less expensive materials since the trailer is designed around ‘price’ and not safety. 

Here’s just one example. 

Most trailers on the market use solid sheet metal in the dividers between horses’ heads.  What are the benefits here?  Does this type of divider work best for the horses or is it simply the cheapest way to build a part?

As it turns out, tubular head dividers are a much better choice. They cost a bit more to install, but they allow more air to flow, more visibility, and overall reduced stress for the horses.  This is just one example of a feature to look for when you’re shopping.

horse trailer safety

Check out the difference between solid head dividers (left) and tubular dividers (right.)

An over-priced trailer implies that the trailer’s price-tag does not match its benefits.  Just because it looks shiny and new on the outside doesn't mean it will protect your horses and withstand the elements.  Everyone wants to feel like they are getting a good deal on their purchase.  Yes, it may be okay to spend a bit more, but we want to feel that we are getting a great product in return.

A ‘high value’ trailer is one like Double D Trailers.  We make every decision on parts, materials, and configuration with you and your horses in mind.  Safety is always our top priority.

What would provide the absolute safest option?  That’s the material or design we go with every time.  The result is a trailer that has extremely high value. Learn more about the materials we use in our custom horse trailers.

How Factory Direct Pricing Saves You Money

Double D Trailers is different than other brands because all of our trailers are built-to-order.  This means each custom trailer design goes from concept, to factory, and directly to your farm.  It won’t spend any time sitting around on a dealer’s lot.

As one happy client said, you get the “best bang for your buck!” Read more reviews.

Trailer dealers need to jack up their prices so that they can make a profit.  Plus, they need to take into account the cost for their inventory sitting on a sales lot week after week until they are sold.  This results in a much higher price tag in the end.

In contrast, a trailer from Double D Trailers is priced based on the custom features you choose to include.  No dealer price hikes.  You get factory direct pricing.  You’ll end up paying for those items that you want and skipping the cost of any items you don’t need.  Read more about the benefits of buying online from Double D.

Ways to Spot a High Value Horse Trailer for Sale

When you are trailer shopping, keep an eye out for the little things that will help you decide if a trailer is cheap, over-priced, or high value. 

Can you get a clue about the company’s overall goals?  Are they trying to create a low-priced trailer to drive a sale?  Or, are they looking to pack their trailer with the best safety features to protect your horses? 

Beware of these dangerous features:

    • horse trailer for saleStationary rear tack compartments that leave only a narrow loading entry doorway.
    • Butt or chest bars that do not have quick-release safety releases.
    • Single layer aluminum walls that can be easily kicked through.
    • Bolts or rivets holding on the skin of the trailer that create excessive noise and rust risks.
    • Solid metal head dividers that make a horse feel claustrophobic and restrict air flow.
    • Small windows that minimize light and airflow.
    • Dark interiors with non-white paint.  Horses like maximum visibility and lighter paint helps reflect heat.
    • Metal floors hidden under rubber mats.  These floors are prone to weakening and corrosion.  Plus, they transfer heat and vibration into horse’s legs.
    • WERM or other spread-on/spray-on floor coatings over metal floors. Learn More.
    • Mill finished aluminum roofs that transfer excessive heat into the trailer.
    • Weak aluminum dividers that can crumble and twist into jagged edges when impacted or a horse falls.
    • Missing interior padding. All interior surfaces should have thick padding to protect against cuts and scrapes.
    • Rubber wall lining that is too thin will break away from pawing to reveal sharp metal fasteners underneath.
    • A ‘lip’ on horse or dressing room door causes a dangerous trip hazard and is a pain for cleaning.
    • Window latches that are too high to reach.

Check out this article to learn about several dangerous design features you should avoid when shopping.  

Read more about why we do not recommend aluminum horse trailers.

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