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Horses Honor - Lincoln, California

“Horses Honor was created from gumption and hutzpah."

horses honor horse rescueNestled on 83 acres in the Sierra Foothills, Horses Honor provides a life of rest and relaxation for elderly horses who have no advocates. The sanctuary’s founder, Nina Thompson says, “Horses Honor was created from gumption and hutzpah”, which comes in handy for these horses that may have lost theirs along the way. “We specialize in elder horses that have given their lives to mankind only to find themselves homeless and at risk for going to slaughter or suffering neglect,” says Nina. “We give them an enviable retirement where their every need is met in idyllic paradise.”

The horses at the sanctuary come from a variety of circumstances, some from neglect or abuse and others are beloved family members whose owners simply can’t care for them anymore. As Nina says, “every horse here has a story.”

Nina learned early on that a horse’s life is not always on easy one. Addy arrived at Horses Honor early on, however she had already been through enough for many lifetimes.  “A sweet, loving older thoroughbred mare, Addy began her career as a racehorse. When she was no longer considered fast enough, she was used as a broodmare. When she could no longer produce babies, she was sold for slaughter,” remembers Nina. A local rescue saved Addy from auction and placed her with a new home, thinking she had found her happy ending.

Not long after, Addy showed up at auction a second time, having been discarded by her new family. The same rescue recognized Addy and saved her again, this time bringing her to Horses Honor. Enough was enough and Addy deserved better. “Addy had been discarded by every industry—racing, breeding, riding & showing. Addy, the miracle horse, rescued from slaughter twice,” says Nina. Addy spent the rest of her days with her new best buddy, Fulton, in a tree studded pasture at her true forever home.

horses honor horse rescue

Regardless of the path that brings them to Horses Honor, each horse receives a safe home and care for the duration of its life. The staff at the sanctuary work closely with the veterinarian to address each horse’s individual needs. “We feed a lot of senior feed,” laughs Nina.

These horses are allowed to enjoy the rest of their lives as they see fit. The grounds include irrigated and seasonal pastures, huge trees, a barn, an arena, and ponds for them to enjoy along with their other companions. “No horse is stall-bound unless a medical emergency calls for confinement,” Nina explains. Horses Honor believes that these horses have earned the right to spend their time doing what they enjoy, without anything being expected of them.

Horses Honor has rescued over 500 horses since its founding in 1999. They hold 25 horses at a time, only taking in new horses when space becomes available. This ensures that each horse remains comfortable and receives the care and attention it needs throughout its stay.

Horses Honor is able to give a safe life to these horses through the dedication of their supporters. Use the information below to contribute funds or donate new and used supplies to their Tack Store, every little bit helps these horses enjoy one more day in a peaceful home.

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Horses Honor

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