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Kalib Norris: Trailer Design Specialist

Kalib Norris is Double D Trailers' design specialist and alternate host to Brad Heath for the Double D Trailers Podcast.

For Kalib, designing custom horse trailers isn't just about good looks; it's about listening to customers and nailing those tiny, important details.

Kalib's financial background surprisingly set him up perfectly for this. Kalib was a finance and accounting pro before diving into the world of trailers. He spent years at a renowned Credit Union in North Carolina, where he didn't just crunch numbers – he mastered the art of customer service and developed a keen eye for detail. These skills turned out to be super handy in his current role.

Kalib Norris is married to Brook, daughter of Double D Trailers' owner Brad Heath. This makes him more than just a team member – he's family. This connection means he's not just designing trailers; he's crafting part of the family legacy.

Outside of work, Kalib's still all about design, often caught tinkering with Legos or keeping up with the latest design trends.

Kalib graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Accounting from the Liberty University School of Business.

Watch Kalib's hosted episodes of the Double D Trailers Podcast:


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