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LBL Equine Rescue – Silver Springs, Nevada

Meet One Woman is Determined to Help Horses Escape Kill Buyers

Brittany was just searching for a project horse. When she went to a local auction, she fell in love with a beautiful young colt. Unfortunately, the little colt was snatched by a kill buyer. Though Brittany begged and begged, offering to pay him double the price, the kill buyer wouldn’t budge. That day, Brittany came home without a horse, but with a passion and a drive to help save horses from abuse, neglect, and horrible deaths. She decided to start LBL Equine Rescue.

LBL Equine Rescue is a small rescue in Silver Springs, Nevada. Their mission is to rescue horses from feedlots and kill buyers, then rehabilitate them and successfully place them in forever homes. Most of the horses they rescue are horses that have been malnourished, abused, and neglected.

These horses are lovingly nursed back to both mental and physical health through gradual weight gain and lots of special care and attention. They are fed individually based on their feed needs. The horses are then retrained by a professional trainer using the Clinton Anderson method.

In a recent interview with Brittany, the Founder and President of LBL, she shared one rescue story that was especially memorable for all the staff at LBL. They received a call about two mares who were pregnant at an auction. When they arrived, just in time to save them, they were dumbfounded by how bad the situation was. Brittany said that “when we went back to take pictures, we were in tears.”

One of the horses was so malnourished they thought she would lose her foal. She had half her mane missing, and sores all over her body. Brittany and Linda, the Vice President of LBL, didn’t give up. They named her Hope, and Brittany says they “spent hours giving this mare some major TLC.” Within 5 days of arriving at LBL, Hope foaled a beautiful and healthy filly. After being at LBL for almost two months, Hope went from a body score of 1 out of 10, to 9 out of 10.

They named the baby horse Serenity, and she is still at LBL today. Brittany says that she is still in training, and she is “loved daily” and “looking for her forever home.”

There are currently 16 horses at LBL’s ranch in Nevada that are waiting for their forever homes. LBL has a thorough adoption process to ensure that the horse and owner are a perfect fit for each other.

When asked about her greatest success, Brittany said: “every horse we have ended up with has been a great success because we have either saved them from a bad situation or ending up in the slaughter pipeline.”

Their biggest challenge at LBL is funding and getting horses adopted out. You can sponsor a horse for as little as $25 a month. Currently, 4 of the 16 horses at LBL are sponsored. Visit their website below to choose a horse and learn more about sponsorship.


LBL Equine Rescue

Silver Springs, Nevada



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