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Legendary Mustang Sanctuary - Alhambra, Illinois

“Every horse we find a forever home for is one more life that we have saved.”

Legendary Mustang Sanctuary started with just two horses and has now burgeoned into an organization for wild mustangs and burros with dire prospects outside of this facility. Once their first two Mustangs were taken in, the Sanctuary immediately realized the scope of the issue they were facing. It didn’t take long before their organization grew to take in as many mustangs and burros as they can.

horse rescue illinoisLegendary Mustang Sanctuary acquires their horses through The Bureau of Land Management adoption events. After being removed from federal lands these horses are offered up at auction a maximum of three times, giving these animals a very short window of opportunity. If not adopted within that time, they are labeled “three strikers” and sent to long-term holding facilities, then sent off to their final destination.

This is where Legendary Mustang Sanctuary steps in to help these “three strikers”, giving them a chance at a true forever home, without the possibility of auction or worse. Legendary Mustang Sanctuary is well aware of the gravity of the situation as Shawn and Kathy Lewis says, “every horse we find a forever home for is one more life that we have saved.”

Since the horses at their facility are recognized as wild horses they must follow a rehabilitation program catered to those needs; one which is very different from programs used by many other equine rescue organizations. Through a very slow process including 45 days of quarantine and a drawn out feeding regimen these wild mustangs learn to trust while regaining their natural confidence and spirit.

Due to the bleak prospects set before these horses, every adoption is truly a success and the fruits of the Sanctuary’s labors are inspiring. “We work hard and are incredibly proud of the Sanctuary’s 100% success rate in our adoption program. Every horse and adopter are unique in their own way. They have a special bond, each and every one becomes a part of the family.

However, that is not the extent of what the staff offers their community. Legendary Mustang Sanctuary does not just provide rehabilitation and a prospect of a forever home for their horses.  They offer educational seminars for interested parties, as well as college internships for students studying Equine Science and Veterinary Medicine.  In this way they are able to ensure that people come away from their experience with an understanding and respect for these animals and their celebrated historical significance.

Legendary Mustang Sanctuary operations are staffed completely by volunteer hours, and they are always looking for new members for their team.  They rely wholly on donations to maintain their facility and support is always appreciated.  Use the information below to donate funds or time to help Legendary Mustang Rescue continue their success story.

Legendary Mustang Sanctuary

Alhambra, Illinois



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