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Linn County Animal Rescue - Lebanon, OR

Two White Mares Become Best Friends After Being Rescued

lcarThe Linn County Animal Rescue (LCAR-Equine Rescue) was formed in 2005 at the request of the local sheriff’s department.  A farm as needed to help with abused and neglected horses that are received through law enforcement seizures, and court ordered dispersal.  Board member Kris Little shared, “The facility is located in rural Linn County Oregon, near the Santiam River in the foothills of the beautiful Cascade Mountains.”

The horses that enter the LCAR system are in extremely bad shape with body scores of less than 3.  All types of horses in need of care and rehabilitation are accepted.  Kris explained that special programs are used to heal both mind and body.  Each horse also receives individual veterinarian medical evaluation and attention from dedicated volunteers.

“Because of the terrible circumstances these animals have endured, our retraining is mostly limited to gaining their trust and giving them a second chance at life,” Kris shared.  “Some have been so badly abused they are not people friendly and have to be re tamed with patience and gentle hands.”

LCAR’s biggest challenge, like most rescues in our nation, is finding sustainable funds to support the needs of the operation.  This rescue is 100% run by volunteers and funded by grants and public support for the special needs of the horses.

Kris shared one specific story of a rescued horse named Ember.  She was a 25 year old white Arabian seized by the Benton County Sherriff in 2007 because of severe neglect.  “She was on death’s doorstep!”  Ember was slowly nursed back to health by the LCAR’s veterinarian and volunteer staff.  Still, the workers could tell that while her body was healing, she still craved something to heal her spirit.

Five years later a 15 year old Paso Fino mare named Princess was rescued again through the local sheriff’s department.  Princess and Ember became stall neighbors, then best friends, and eventually inseparable partners.  “They would roam the pasture together each and every day.”

The story has one more touching twist.  An older couple with very little previous experience with horses began to volunteer at LCAR.  They took a special interest in Princess and Ember Kris shared, “They started by cleaning stalls, feeding and keeping the water buckets full. They would brush the horses coat and clean their hoofs. Then they started buying bedding materials for their stalls, and special feed supplements and carrots out of their own pockets.”

“About a year later the couple retired and moved out of the area, but not before they built a heated barn next to their new home to accommodate Ember & Princess whom they adopted. Ember, now 30, has trouble chewing so they cook her carrots now she can still eat her favorite treats.”

The staff was thrilled to see these two white mares form such a special bond and find new owners.  “At LCAR this is what we work for, to see the horses recover from their ordeals and become healthy enough so that we can adopt them out to new forever loving homes.” 

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