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Lone Star Ranch and Rescue – Blue Ridge, TX

Focus on Quality of Care Instead of Quantity of Rescues

Lone Star Ranch and Rescue was started out of a love for horses and and other livestock. We spoke with Taylor from LSRR and she told us, “Our Founder spent the majority of her early life around horses and other livestock. She adopted her first horse and spent a couple years working at a rescue daily and found it to be the direction she wanted her career to go in. When the opportunity to open her own rescue came about, her and her family moved out to Blue Ridge and opened Lone Star Ranch and Rescue.”

LSRR rescues neglected and abused horses from situations such as owner surrendered, seizures, and animal control agencies.  To help malnourished horses LSRR has a partnership with the UC Davis re-feeding program.  A licensed vet handles illnesses and injuries immediately.  And all horses undergo 2-week health assessment quarantine before joining the herd.

“We want to focus on the quality of care that we provide versus bringing in as many animals as possible,” Taylor says “… if we bring in too many animals we can no longer afford [quality care for] our rescues … and we make sure they get everything they need.”

When the animal is healthy enough to begin exercising, a licensed veterinarian creates a personalized care program.  Horses that aren’t under saddle are trained before adoption.  Otherwise, LSRR fine-tunes their previous training before listing them. The training continues while searching for the perfect home.

Potential adopters are given a site check to verify suitable accommodations. They must also have access to a vet and farrier.  After adoption, lifetime visits are done to ensure proper care.

LSRR has serious financial challenges.  Their facilities (shelters, barns, etc.) need to be completed, and they are in dire need of a reliable trailer. The organization’s current trailer is irreparably damaged and unsafe.  They desperately need a 3 or 4 horse gooseneck trailer.

Lone Star’s rescue success stories happen when they find incredible homes for their horses.  Many have been adopted; some have become lesson horses, kid’s ponies and even a ranch celebrity.

Taylor shared one such story about Perci (photos to the right):

“Perci came to us in July 2016 at a body condition score of 1.  [She was adopted after] 9 months of training and rehabilitating.  [We] found a wonderful home where she gets to run with a small herd of horses on 100 acres.  She’s the newest celebrity of Lone Star Wine Cellars and will be with them for life.”

If you wish to help this organization, check out their information below:

Lone Star Ranch & Rescue


7397FM, 1377 Blue Ridge, Texas

If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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