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The Love Angus Foundation - Houston, TX and West Indies

Rescuing Island Horses Abandoned After Their Racing Career

The Love Angus Foundation is located in Houston, Texas and in the West Indies. We spoke with founder Monique Francis to learn how the volunteers of this organization are working to save horses in Jamaica.

love angus foundation - pic1Monique explained, " I am from Jamaica and after various trips back home I wanted to do something to change the culture of how animals are treated there. It is a common everyday sight to see starving, injured and abandoned animals all over the street. After seeing our first rescue, Angus, with 3rd degree burns on his body I decided to start The Love Angus Foundation." The Love Angus Foundation works to rescue horses, cats, and dogs in Houston and in the West Indies.

The Love Angus Foundation has rescued several quarter horses that were abandoned or injured during their racing career. Monique was able to secure stables at the Camanas Park in Kingston, Jamaica to provide shelters for the rescues. They have a volunteer vet that assists with the rehabilitation efforts.

Monique continued, "We have also been educating the race horse owners on how to humanly treat and care for their horses and to prevent abuse and abandonment of their race horses. Although we do not support horse racing, we have noticed that educating the owners has helped to rehome elderly horses instead of them being abandoned in fields."

love angus foundation - pic2The Love Angus Foundation is proud that they were officially designated as a United States Charity in 2015. This allows them to open avenues of fundraising that were not available before. They are also happy to bring their first rescue, a dog named Angus, to the states as a charity ambassador. Monique said, "He is spreading joy to lots of refugee children in the Houston area with Catholic charities. It has been a joy to see him heal physically and psychologically from the day he was found."

The largest need for The Love Angus foundation is a 7-horse trailer that will be used to transport horses from various parts of the island. Since the terrain can be difficult to navigate, a single trip can take up to 8 hours. The use of a larger trailer would allow them to move horses more efficiently.

Monique added, "Also, we are in desperate need of grain feed. There is only pellet feed in Jamaica and it often causes horses to colic. We are always looking to ship donated grain feed for our rescues." To help out, please see below.

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The Love Angus Foundation
Location: Houston, TX and the West Indies
Donate: 8511 Spotslyvania ln, Houston, TX 77083
Trailer: NEEDED (7 horse stock trailer)

If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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