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Miracle Horse Rescue and Sanctuary - Midvale, Idaho

They Transported 35 Horses in Six Trips Across State Lines to Provide a Better Environment

miracle horse rescue idahoStephanie Pierce has had horses her whole life and always considered them part of her family.  Over time, she recognized that others did not share this same feeling.  “I wanted to provide a second change of life to the horses and give them the opportunity to be just horses.” 

Her journey started in Southern Nevada, where the Miracle Horse Rescue and Sanctuary operated for 14 years.  In December of 2015, they began a huge undertaking to move the operation to Midvale, Idaho.  “We transported 35 horses in six trips, equipment, and human stuff as well.”  They’ve seen a huge change in the horses since this move.  “The senior horses have been rejuvenated in this environment.” 

All of the horses that have come through the gates at the Miracle Horse Rescue and Sanctuary have been abused, neglected, unwanted, or are PMU mares in foal.  “We have given them a soft place to land.”  Many of the horses are elderly.  “The vast majority of the horses within our organization are 25+ years old, with the oldest being a 41 year old small mule.”

After a vet check, feed, and medication bring a horse to optimal condition, the staff starts looking for adopters.  “We utilize social media and word of mouth.  Our first question is ALWAYS ‘Have you owned horses?’ and ‘What is it you are looking for in a horse?’  Within minutes you are able to determine whether there is a potential fit.”  The rescue also has a ‘no breeding or selling’ clause to protect the animals.  “The welfare of the horses in our care is of the utmost importance!”

miracle horse rescue idaho

Stephanie explained that their biggest challenge was when they received three PMU mares from Canada.  “They were wilder than a March hare!”  Unfortunately one of the mares in foal colicked and $15,000 worth of medical care was unable to save her.  This was an emotional loss for the staff but they were overjoyed to save the other two mares named Apple and Jerri.  The foals were adopted out to an amazing woman in Colorado who sends regular updates.

“I cannot say that we have anything above and unique above any other rescue, as I believe each rescue loves and cares for the horses within their care.  I will say we are dedicated to them 24/7 and, with us, we have gained trust with some of the hardest of cases.  But overall, we are proud of the mutual respect we have for them and vice versa.”

If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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