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Horse Rescues in Montana

Hiatt Equestrian Rescue and Rehabilitation – Bigfork, Montana

Working with horses can be very therapeutic – increasing mental health, positive emotions, and self-confidence. Equine therapy can help people with many different disabilities – including PTSD, physical injuries, and autism. The healing power of horses is what inspired Johnna and her daughters to start Hiatt Equestrian Rescue and Rehabilitation.

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Horse Haven Montana – Frenchtown, Montana

The folks at Horse Haven Montana are spreading the word about abused and neglected horses through an international equine film festival. In their day-to-day work, they also help retired ranch and border patrol horses find new homes.

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Jeweled Heart Ranch N Rescue - Kalispell, Montana

For the team at Jeweled Heart Ranch N Rescue it all began with one mare, one mule and a lot of word of mouth. After bringing the two equines home to save them from slaughter, people in the community began to talk and the inquiries started rolling in. “When people heard what we had done, they began asking us if we wanted their retired or injured equines. Who could turn them down when we knew what the outcome would be if we didn’t,” says Ramona. This spirit of compassion has fueled Jeweled Heart Ranch N Rescue since 2013.

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Western Montana Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation - Corvallis, Montana

Every horse rescue works with limited resources, but this rescue operates without even a permanent facility to call home! Still, they are making a difference in the lives of neglected equines within the state.

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Wings Programs - Corvallis, Montana

What happens when a loving owner passes away and their horses are left behind? For this horse rescue, it was the start of an organization that saves horses on an ongoing basis.

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