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Horse Rescues in the United States

Curly Horse Rescue - Nationwide

This wide reaching rescue operation helps Curly horses find loving homes. Curly horses are a unique breed with long curly coats.

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Forever Morgans - Nationwide

A virtual rescue helps Morgan horses through a network of foster homes nationwide. They have foster homes, homes, volunteers, and Board members spread from coast to coast and are represented in almost every state.

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Lipizzan Rescue Foundation – Nationwide

These horses are a unique and royal breed, but they are in danger. With less than 12,000 Lipizzans left worldwide, and less than 1,200 in the United States, the breed is threatened with extinction

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Northern Lights Horse Rescue - New England

Northern Lights Horse Rescue has truly turned helping the horses of their community into a community effort. NLHR was formed to help take in the overflow of unwanted and surrendered horses in New England.

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