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New England Equine Rescue - North, Inc. - West Newbury, MA

“NEER remains dedicated to rescuing horses who are abused, neglected, or at-risk of slaughter...”

Mary Martin, NEER’s founder, is no stranger to horses. With over 40 years of experience, Mary is a licensed riding instructor, horse advocate and served as a board member with a Rhode Island based rescue. Mary’s idea for New England Equine Rescue began in 2010 with a simple plan: to help horses and owners in crisis, primarily in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Her dream became a reality when NEER received non-profit status in January 2012.

“NEER remains dedicated to rescuing horses who are abused, neglected, or at-risk of slaughter,” says Mary. “In addition to rescues, NEER educates the public on responsible horse ownership and networks to help where assistance is needed.”

While many of the horses that find their way to NEER come from abuse or neglect, some arrive because of life’s ups and downs. This may be due to owner surrender, divorce or financial situations. Mary and her team understand that sometimes an owner may just not be able to take care of their horse, no matter how much they may want to, and are happy to step in find the best solution.

These solutions don’t always mean the surrendering of a horse, as Mary showed one heartbroken horse owner. After losing her job and taking a hard look at her finances, one owner was forced to come to a devastating realization. “I knew I had to get rid of my horse who I had had longer than I’d had my husband! I contacted NEER and asked if they were able to take him, which they were not. But they still offered me help instead of the response other rescues gave of simply saying sorry we are full,” she writes.

Mary helped setup a feed store credit for her in order to help alleviate some the cost and the family was able to catch up and provide proper care for their horse. “I have had to get assistance a few times and have never been turned away or made to feel like I should be ashamed for asking for help, if anything the woman was so understanding and supportive I actually felt a sense of hope that things would get better,” she remembers. “I am so grateful to still have my horse. It would never have been possible if it were not for Mary.”

Stories of owner success rank right at the top along with equine success stories at NEER because you really can’t have one without the other. NEER understands that sometimes a little help is all a person needs for a bright outcome, the same as the horses they take in.

NEER houses as many horses as they can safely and properly care for, ensuring that each horse receives the individualized attention it needs. They strive to educate and remind people of the benefits of horse adoption. As Mary says, “adopting a horse saves two; the one you take home and the one you make room for.”

Please use the information below to learn more about NEER and how you can help create futures for both horses and their owners.

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New England Equine Rescue - North, Inc.

West Newbury, Massachusetts



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