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Horse Rescues in New Hampshire

Draft Gratitude - Winchester, New Hampshire

“They’ve earned the right to have a safe ending.” These are the words Rebecca Roy uses when discussing Draft Gratitude’s founding in 2014. Her rescue works exclusively with draft horses, whose bodies often show the scars and effects of a lifetime of hard work.

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Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue - Brentwood, New Hampshire

All of the horses at Hidden Pond Farm come from auctions or kill pens, where they face imminent slaughter. “We take the horses that no one wanted, that we know nothing about, with no past owner to speak of,” says Phyllis. This blank slate means that each horse really does get to start over.

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Live and Let Live Farm - Chichester, NH

This is the largest animal rehabilitation rescue in the Northern Northeast. Learn how this once tiny operation has grown to help over 60 horses at a time!

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