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Horse Rescues in New Jersey

Arabian Rescue Mission - Colesville, New Jersey & Leitchfield, Kentucky

When Terry Figueroa set her mind to helping a herd of horses in 2002, she made a decision to do whatever it took to save them. She had to purchase the horses from a neglectful owner, which was no small task, but Terry knew she couldn’t let them down. “I refinanced my house, took extra jobs, did catering, anything I could to earn the money needed to purchase and move them east,” remembers Terry.

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Bergen County Horse Rescue – Mahwah, NJ

BCHR is located on a farm that originally started as a boarding facility. The farm managers realized very early on that their farm was destined for a greater purpose. After fending off several aggressive offers from real estate developers, they were able to get the land officially preserved. In 2016, they reformed as a horse rescue and began taking on new horses in need.

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Manes and Tails Organization - Hoboken, NJ

This rescue uses a "free-lease" program instead of adoption. The owner will always take the horses back and reserves the right to recall a horse for any reason.

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