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Horse Rescues in New York

13 Hands Equine Rescue - Clinton Corners, New York

In November of 2015, Marylou Tortorello was making a contribution to her local horse rescue when she decided to ask if there was anything else that she could do to help. When the rescue responded by asking her to adopt from them, Marylou did just that. She couldn’t have known that her one simple question would lead to the formation of 13 Hands Equine Rescue.

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A Pony’s Paradise Equine Rescue - LaGrangeville, New York

A Pony’s Paradise began in October of 2013, when Melissa Ulmer and a group of other horse-lovers decided to take action to improve their horse community. “We sought to help remove unwanted and/or neglected horses from situations that put them in physical or mental danger and find them new, safe, loving homes,” says Melissa.

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Begin Again Horse Rescue – Lima, NY

Drive a half-hour south of Rochester to Lima, NY. There, you will find a farm like no other. Started by a band of 3 friends, each already rescuing horses on their own, who decided to work together to strengthen their efforts.

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Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue - Dover Plains, NY

Go check out the permanent residents of the Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue in Dover Plains, NY. Experience a wide range of therapeutic and educational programs.

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North Shore Horse Rescue - Long Island, New York

NSHR takes in unwanted horses, horses with medical problems and former racing horses. Their mission is to “rescue and care for any unwanted horses, including those that have been neglected, abused, or are at risk of going to slaughter.”

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Painted Bar Stables – Burdett, NY

Located right on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, among the beautiful waterfalls, rolling hills, and breathtaking views of Schulyer County, sits Painted Bar Stables. A local equine landmark in the 60s and 70s, this barn holds its own historic charm. And with all the beautiful horses that call this place home, it’s an attraction for horse riders of all ages.

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Roanchar Ranch – Varysburg, NY

The rescue works to save draft horses who are discarded by their former owners. Roanchar Ranch firmly believes that draft horses can make wonderful riding companions. They are working hard to help these 'gentle giants.'

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