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Horse Rescues in Ohio

Copper Horse Crusade – Cambridge, Ohio

After almost twenty years of rescuing and rehoming horses across the country, Copper Horse Crusade has created a new method of “rescuing” horses – different from other horse rescues. They pioneered the concept of “sustainably saving slaughter bound horses” and are on a mission to help as many horses as they can through sustainability.

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Voice for Horses Rescue Network – Toledo, Ohio

After working as a local Humane Agent for 16 years and seeing so many equine cruelty cases, Diana Murphy decided to start an equine rescue. She wanted to help the law enforcement agencies by housing horses seized for court cases, and by taking in horses from owners who needed to release them. As a result, Voice for Horses Rescue Network was formed.

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Wild Horse Rescue- McDermott, Ohio

At the young age of ten, Betty Davison began using the resources she had, which at the time consisted of a small booklet called Barry School of Horsemanship, to help horses in need. “As a child, I didn’t have the money to go out and get the perfect horse, so my horse always had a problem that needed to be helped,” she remembers. This became a lifetime of work...

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Wyandot County Humane Society - Upper Sandusky, Ohio

The Wyandot County Humane Society began in 1985 to act as an animal protection organization whose primary mission is to prevent and relieve animal suffering and cruelty. They strive to foster an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion for all beings through education and public advocacy.

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