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Omega Horse Rescue - Aireville, Pennsylvania

“Often times when the rescues are in training, they know we aren’t their forever people, but they still want someone to love.”

Kelly Smith has been involved in horse rescue since the early 1980’s, officially founding Omega Horse Rescue in 1997. With a goal of finding nurturing homes for every horse, donkey, mule and pony that they come into contact with, Kelly has had a tremendous impact on the lives of horses in need around her. With more than 100 horses now coming through their gates annually, Omega Horse Rescue has placed more than 1,300 equines in homes to date.

Omega Horse Rescue accepts all breeds of equines, regardless of age or level of training. Upon arrival, all horses enter into quarantine where they undergo both behavioral and medical evaluations.  Training at Omega is a multi-step process designed to suit the various levels of training for each horse. One of their trainers focuses on starting horses that have no prior training, while a second trainer finishes the training regimen and shows the horses to potential adopters. “Both trainers bring different aspects to the horses training and the horses we adopt out are generally very useable riding horses, often for both Western and English,” say Nikki, an Omega volunteer.

All of the volunteers at Omega work very hard to provide the best level of care to each horse, sometimes with unforeseen outcomes. During Nikki’s time volunteering she has seen many horses rebuild their lives at the facility. However, one young mare in particular found a place in her heart. “She is incredibly talented and I thought her previous owners had made a huge mistake in dumping her.” While watching the horse go through training Nikki had to keep a hard truth in mind. “Often times when the rescues are in training, they know we aren’t their forever people, but they still want someone to love.” In this case, the horse had decided for the both of them, Nikki was her person and was able to adopt her. “This mare chose me and I am incredibly lucky that she did,” she says.

Along with the rehabilitation, care and rehoming of so many horses, Omega Rescue also knew they had to address the larger issues surrounding their work. One of their main goals is to educate horse owners about the best conditions for their animals. To achieve this, Omega Rescue attends trade rallies, grants newspaper interviews and participates in public speaking events to bring awareness to equine care. Their passion for their cause reaches beyond their own community as they have been asked to speak at congressional hearings to help enact or reinforce legislation aimed at preventing inhumane equine practices across the country.

Please use the information below to find out how you can donate funds, supplies or time to Omega Horse Rescue’s mission. You can also take a moment learn about and donate to The Snowman Fund, started by Omega Horse Rescue in conjunction with the filmmaking team behind Harry and Snowman. Named after Snowman, the famous horse rescued from the New Holland auction that went on to become a champion in show jumping, the effort raises funds to give more horses the same second chance at a new life.

Omega Horse Rescue

Aireville, Pennsylvania



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