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Osborne Stables Equine Rescue - Sutherland Springs, Texas

“Stopping Cruelty Before It Begins”

Osborne Stables was formed in 2002, after taking in four horses that would otherwise have been killed. This single rescue opened the floodgates to the difficulties in the area. It wasn’t long after that initial rescue that calls began pouring in for assistance and asking for advice. This realization, that the need was far greater than they had initially imagined, helped them form their mission and vision for the rescue. They saw the necessity for assisting horses with providing much needed education to owners and potential horse owners. Their motto became “Stopping Cruelty Before It Begins”.

The horses at Osborne Stables come as veterinary and law enforcement referrals, while the human visitors are often owners of endangered horses, referred by individuals for education or relinquishment of their animals.  Horses at the rescue may be placed with an adoptive home if they are in good shape, however Osborne Stables functions as a permanent refuge for many of the horses that arrive to recover from injuries, illness, neglect, abuse and abandonment.

Osborne Stables follows a slow rehabilitation program, believing that a slow introduction to the herd is necessary for physical and emotional healing. Retraining for handling and riding is performed at the facility, often implementing the Parelli 7-Step Safety and Riding Programs. All horses, whether they are rideable or not, are able to be involved in Osborne’s Equine Assisted Learning Program. They help teach confidence, self-esteem, and self-control in individuals with anger and emotional issues.

Osborne Stable’s location allows them to provide education and services to all of the surrounding cities and counties. They provide education to all ages, individuals with disabilities, at-risk youth, as well as individuals sent through the court system for mandated community service hours. Osborne Stables has had great success with volunteers sent to them in this way, many of them staying on to help the horses after their mandated hours have been met. “During their time helping they have learned so much about the horses and even more about themselves. Horses mirror people and can truly help make a positive change,” says Osborne staff.

Osborne Stable’s greatest success came to them in the form of a young at-risk boy that was attending an alternative school. He worked with Chester, a horse that had been severely abused in his previous life, and came to gain the confident he needed to make the decision to seek help for his drug addiction. “If Chester can make it through all he has been through, I know that I can beat this and get away from the bad people in my life,” said the young boy. Using the rescued horses that these youth can identify with helps open new doors for these children.

Osborne Stables staff, along with the 32 horses and 5 donkeys that call this home, are working to expand their Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy Program in the aftermath of the Sutherland Springs shooting. Please use the information to find out how you can help them continue their work for the horses and humans alike in their area.

Osborne Stables Equine Rescue

Sutherland Springs, Texas



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