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The Pegasus Project, Inc. - Murchison, Texas

"We revitalize the animals’ spirit."

Pegasus Project TexasIn 2009, Allyson DeCanio was contacted by an attorney for the Humane Society of Easy Texas regarding 14 neglected horses. They hoped that Allyson, a lawyer and horse lover, may have some valuable input. Little did they know, their call was the beginning of something much larger.

Allyson got involved and the horses were rescued, with two stallions coming home with Allyson and her husband, Mike. This incident taught the couple about the large number of horses in need in their area. They decided to take action and The Pegasus Project was born.

The Pegasus Project takes in all breeds and ages of equines - horses, ponies, minis, donkeys and mules. They receive their animals from a wide variety of sources, including law enforcement seizures, horses picked up by the sheriff as strays, owner relinquishments and rescues from kill pens and auctions.

The Pegasus Project retains the services of a number of veterinarians to ensure that each animal receives the care that it needs through every step of its recovery. “Of equal importance, we revitalize the animals’ spirit. We handle them in such a way that they feel safe and secure and build trust in humans,” says Allyson.

Pegasus Project TexasThe facility utilizes natural horsemanship techniques to develop all of the horses that enter their program. They have two full-time trainers on staff, and world-renowned trainers Bruce Logan and Mark Rashid serve as advisors to the board. They work to provide ongoing education and guidance to ensure that each horse receives the best training possible.

All horses at Pegasus Project stay until they are ready and able to be adopted by their forever home. “Whether that takes 3 months or 5 years doesn’t matter to us. We give the horse the time it needs to reach its potential and become a safe partner for its adopter,” explains Allyson.

Since 2009, hundreds of horses, mules and donkeys have been rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed through the program. Sometimes it’s one horse at a time, other situations require the care of an entire herd.

This was the case when Allyson and Mike became involved with the Phoenix Herd. In April of 2016, Mike and Allyson tried to save a yearling foal by the name of Phoenix. Despite their best efforts, she died from malnutrition, parasite overload, and a horrible, untreated, necrotic facial wound. It soon became known that she was one of a herd of approximately 20 equines that had been abandoned by their owner nearly two years prior. Upon arrival, the remains of 4 other horses were found on the property.

Through a long process, involving many volunteers, trainers and the loss of another herd member, the remaining 14 horses were relocated to The Pegasus Project. They have all shown immense promise, heart and perseverance. The Pegasus Project’s efforts also resulted in six counts of animal cruelty charges against the owner for the lives lost.

Please use the information below to find out how you can donate, volunteer and get involved with The Pegasus Project. You can also learn about their various events and shop the products available on the website.

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The Pegasus Project, Inc.

Murchison, Texas



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