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Rainbow Meadows Ranch - Sedan, Kansas

Rescue Horses Live in a Huge Herd on This Kansas Ranch

rainbow meadows ranch pic 1The Rainbow Meadows Ranch in Sedan, Kansas must be a site to behold when driving down the lane.  Where many farms have a large barn full of stalled horses, this facility has 240 acres of land where horses roam at will.  

Karen Everhart, the executive director, explained, "Our horses are never stalled or confined to small pens or paddocks.  They are allowed to live as their Mustang cousins do on large tracts of land, in dynamic heards of all ages and genders (sans stallions.)"  The land is split into large grazing sections and horses are allowed plenty of room to run, socialize, and graze.

The ranch has a well-known reputation among the local horse community.  Karen shared, "Rainbow Meadows was formed from our love of horses.  We found horses being treated in the most egregious fashion and it was unacceptable.  It was our desire to provide a safe haven for horses in need."  

She stressed that  they always strive to identify horses in need before they enter extreme sitatuations.  "It is our hope that we can prevent horses from being exposed to the atrocities afforded them when hauled to the sale barn or transported by the brokers/killers from sale to sale, and then the horror of slaughter."

rainbow meadows ranch pic 2All breeds and classes are accepted at the ranch with 45-50 horses on the ranch at any given time.  New horses are quarantined and returned to an acceptable weight before being blended into the herd.  Then, they begin their retraining program.  Karen said, "Our daily handling is dependent upon the needs of the horse."

Potential adopters find the RMR through their website, Facebook page, or through word-of-mouth advertising.  "We have a comprehensive adoption process which includes an application, a mandatory facility visit, a facility inspection, a detailed contract and a requirement for reporting for the life of the horse."

The ranch is working to expand their operation by hiring a new salaried staff to supplement the faithful volunteers.  Karen stated, "To increase funding, we need to hire marketing services and grant writing services.  It would be our hope and expectation that marketing and grant staff would be effective in driving an increase in donations to fund their positions as well as additional equine care/ facility care staff."  

We wish the Rainbow Meadows Ranch the best as they work towards their goals!

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Rainbow Meadows Ranch
Location:  Sedan, Kansas
Donate: 1949 Dalton Road, Sedan, KS 67361

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