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1 Horse Bumper Pull with Living Quarters

Introducing the SafeTack ne-horse bumper pull trailer, a model specifically designed to meet the demands of customers who have long requested a compact, efficient, and innovative horse trailer.

This model showcases a range of custom features, including enhanced storage solutions and advanced engineering to optimize weight distribution and usability. The trailer is especially suited for use with full-size SUVs or half-ton pickup trucks, thanks to its strategic design adjustments that improve balance and reduce tongue weight.

  • Compact and Lightweight Design: The trailer is designed to be compact and lightweight, with a total weight of 5200 lb and a tongue weight of only 600 lb when empty, making it suitable for towing with full-size SUVs or half-ton pickup trucks.
  • Customization and Storage: It includes various custom options like a hydraulic jack and dual propane tanks. Storage space is maximized in every possible area to keep the trailer compact and functional.
  • Advanced Axle Positioning: The axles are moved forward to better balance the trailer's tongue weight, a design choice that's effective for a one-horse trailer but not applicable to multi-horse models due to balance issues.
  • Exterior Features: The trailer boasts a manual crank jack (with an optional electric upgrade), no visible bolts or screws for a sleek appearance, and Z-frame technology for the chassis and roof, offering higher tensile strength than steel and resistance to rust.
  • Safety Features: Includes an outside water faucet, dual propane tanks, city water hookup, and standard safety equipment like a ramp with a low pivot point to reduce the risk of horse slippage.
  • Innovative Safe Tack Compartment: Features a proprietary SafeTack compartment that is exclusive to Double D Trailers, offering easy and safe loading and unloading without the claustrophobic feel of narrow doors typical in slant-load trailers.
  • Interior Amenities and Comfort: The trailer is equipped with a ramp for easier loading, large windows for ventilation, and custom handmade padding for horse safety. It also features a cowboy shower in the horse area, indicative of the practical yet comfortable design ethos.
  • Utility and Convenience: The electrical and water systems are designed for easy hookup and use, with thoughtful additions like a retractable RV screen for the entry door to maximize convenience and comfort.
  • Horse Area Features: The interior horse area is well-lit, airy, and designed with safety in mind, including the SafeBump roof system to absorb impacts, and a high-density Styrofoam backing to the walls to mitigate the effects of kicks.
  • Flooring Options: Offers standard 2x8 pressure-treated pine flooring with a rubber mat on top, with most clients opting for Rumber flooring, made from recycled tires, due to its durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Customizable Interior and Accessories: The interior can be tailored with various appliances and features such as adjustable saddle racks, brush trays, and a blanket bar in the tack compartment for additional customization based on user needs.

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