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Interactive Tour of the 3D Printed Horse Trailer

The video provides a comprehensive visual tour of Double D Trailers' revolutionary 3D-printed horse trailer, showcasing its state-of-the-art features and design innovations.
  • Key moments include:
    • 0:02 - A complete 360-degree exterior view of the trailer, highlighting its unique construction.
    • 0:20 - Demonstration of the side door and ramp mechanisms for easy access.
    • 0:28 - Rear ramp opening, showcasing the ease of loading and unloading.
    • 0:36 - Exploration of the SafeTack Compartment, emphasizing its enhanced safety features.
    • 0:46 - The dress door opening, illustrating additional access points.
    • 0:50 - Interior door operations, providing insights into the trailer's internal layout.
    • 0:54 - Features inside the front dress area, including a bench for additional seating.
    • 0:58 - Details of the front rack and an innovative sunroof design for natural light.
    • 1:03 - A wheel cover that transforms into a table or step, enhancing functionality.
    • 1:13 - Interior dividers that can be adjusted for different space configurations.
    • 1:21 - Windows that offer ventilation and light, improving the interior environment.
    • 1:25 - A concluding 360-degree view showing all operational doors, ramps, and windows in their open state.

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