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SafeTack Reverse 2 Horse Bumper Pull Client Walkthrough

A Double D Trailers client showcases how to load and unload horses using the SafeTack 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer, renowned as the safest two-horse trailer available.
  • This model features the innovative SafeTack design, which significantly enhances safety by providing ample room for both horse and handler during entry and exit, promoting a stress-free experience. Built with the patented Z-Frame technology, the trailer is both sturdy and lightweight, easily towed by most properly equipped SUVs.Key highlights for users include a spacious dressing room with ample storage and convenient tack access. For horses, the trailer ensures comfort and safety with a "horse-friendly" interior that includes the SafeBump roof and SafeKick walls, along with the option for forward or reverse facing floor plans and customizable stall sizes.

> View the SafeTack Reverse 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer to learn more. 

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