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SafeTack Reverse LQ Client Demo

Mike demonstrates the simplicity and efficiency of loading horses into his Double D Trailer.

The trailer's design, featuring a large entry and adaptable interior spaces, significantly eases the process, ensuring horses can be loaded with minimal stress and hesitation. Key features like a swing-out tack room, spacious dividers, and additional comforts like fans and cameras enhance the experience for both the handler and the horses.

  • Trailer Storage and Access: Mike's trailer is stored under an enclosed overhang, which is convenient and provides protection from the elements, making it easy to access and prepare for loading.
  • Entry and Tack Room Design: The rear doors of the trailer open to provide a large entryway for horses, and the tack room is designed to swing out, maximizing the available space for loading.
  • Loading Process: The middle divider of the trailer can open in either direction. For this demonstration, it is opened towards the rear to facilitate loading from the back.
  • Horse Loading: Horses are loaded with ease, showing no hesitation thanks to the spacious design of the trailer. A gentle nudge is enough to position them correctly inside.
  • Safety and Security: After the horses are loaded, the dividers are secured to ensure safety during transport.
  • Comfort Features: The trailer is equipped with optional amenities like a camera to monitor the horses and a fan to keep them cool during the ride, highlighting the trailer’s focus on horse comfort and handler convenience.
  • Operational Ease: The design allows for easy operation, demonstrated by the ability to handle the trailer’s features effortlessly, such as latching doors and dropping dividers with one hand, emphasizing the user-friendly nature of the Double D Trailer.

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