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Explore the SafeTack Reverse 3 Horse Gooseneck Trailer

A video tour of the patented SafeTack Reverse 3 Horse Gooseneck by Brad Heath, owner of Double D Trailers. This innovative design, focusing on loading ease, horse comfort, and handler safety, addresses the critical issue of stress during transport. With its unique forward and rear-facing capabilities, the SafeTack Reverse stands out for its horse-friendly features and handler-oriented design, making it a game-changer in equestrian transport solutions.
  • Innovative Patented Design: The SafeTack Reverse showcases a unique ability for horses to stand in both forward and rear-facing positions.
  • User-Friendly Features: Includes a gentle rear ramp for easy handling and a strategically positioned side ramp for versatile loading.
  • SafeTack Compartment: Revolutionizes conventional rear tacks, offering an open, accessible loading space.
  • Customizable Saddle Rack: Features adaptable racks to suit various needs.
  • Spacious Interior Design: Enhanced width and stall size accommodate larger horse breeds, ensuring their comfort.
  • Safety-First Side Ramp: Situated on the ditch side for safer, emergency unloading.
  • Convenient Loading Process: Describes an efficient, safe method for loading and unloading horses.
  • High-Quality Materials: Boasts a Rumber floor and a one-piece fiber composite roof for optimal horse comfort.
  • Thoughtful Extras: Equipped with a camera system, a water tank, and customizable graphics.
  • Advanced Safety Measures: Features the SafeBump roof system and Z-frame roof supports for added protection.
  • Aerodynamic Efficiency: The V-front design aids in towing and reduces wind resistance.

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