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Explore the Custom-Built Elegance of the SafeTack Reverse Living Quarters

Brad from Double D Trailers showcases the SafeTack Reverse Living Quarters (previously called the Rawhide EX Package) a 10-foot custom-built horse trailer that addresses the common issue of limited customization in horse trailers. Emphasizing personalization, he demonstrates how clients can select their favorite colors and designs for the interior, showcasing Double D Trailers' commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and quality materials. This video highlights a unique selling point: the ability to tailor a trailer to the specific needs and style preferences of each equestrian, solving the typical constraint of one-size-fits-all designs.
  • Customization: Emphasizes client-driven design choices for colors and materials.
  • Quality Interiors: Features hardwood cabinetry with high-gloss finish and detailed trim work.
  • Lighting and Windows: LED lighting throughout, with day and night shades and an emergency egress window.
  • Comfortable Living Space: Includes a fan, flat-screen TV, and options for air conditioning ducting.
  • Functional Layout: Offers a foldable table, double sink, and various storage solutions.
  • Appliances: Equipped with standard RV-style microwave, two-burner cooktop, and large refrigerator.
  • Bathroom Design: Custom shaped shower and well-appointed fixtures, maintaining spaciousness even in a compact area.

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