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Trail Blazer - 2 Horse Slant Gooseneck with 7' Short Wall Exterior

The Double D Trailers 2-Horse Living Quarters Trailer with the Trail Blazer package is meticulously designed for the discerning equestrian, offering an array of standard features enhanced by customer-chosen options to tailor the trailer for specific needs.

This model demonstrates an integration of functionality and luxury with its robust safety features, versatile storage solutions, and high-tech enhancements like hydraulic jacks and solar power capabilities, providing unparalleled comfort and convenience for both horses and owners. (Note that this video features a 2010 model.)

  • Hydraulic Jack and Dual Batteries: The trailer includes a hydraulic jack for easy lifting and has been customized with dual batteries to support extended remote camping, enhancing its off-grid capability.
  • Solar Power Option: A solar power option is planned, allowing for continuous battery charging even in remote locations without access to external power.
  • External Utilities: It features a 25-foot RV cord for external power connection, city water hookup, and an outdoor water faucet, providing essential utilities conveniently.
  • Safety and Accessibility: The trailer is equipped with an outside porch light, grab handle, and RV hold backs on doors to prevent wind damage, enhancing safety and accessibility.
  • Customization for Loading and Unloading: It offers an optional front stall escape door and a double latch door system for easier access to the horse area.
  • Innovative Safe Tack Design: The Safe Tack area is designed to open fully, providing a large, unobstructed space for safer and more comfortable loading and unloading of horses.
  • Thermal and Impact Protection: Features the Safe Bump roof system, which is insulated and flexible to reduce the impact on a horse that rears up, coupled with custom handmade padding within the trailer for additional protection.
  • Ventilation and Light: Equipped with large windows and optional advanced ventilation systems like the "Fantastic Fan" which can be set to blow air in or out.
  • Interior Features and Décor: Offers LED lighting, a customizable living quarter with a variety of wood finishes, fabrics, and layouts including optional larger refrigerators and cooktops.
  • Advanced Door and Window Functionality: Incorporates aluminum doors with sophisticated locking mechanisms and large, easy-to-operate windows that ensure safety and convenience.
  • Tie System Alternative: The customer chose not to have standard tie loops, opting instead for a product called "Tie Right," which offers a safer, retractable tie option for securing horses without risking damage to the trailer.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Lighting and Power Management: Additional outdoor lighting for nighttime operations and a dual battery selector switch ensure functionality in various conditions.
  • Customization and Additional Storage: The trailer allows for significant customization in terms of interior layout, storage options, and safety features tailored to the specific needs of the user and their horses.

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