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Sit Down Interview with Brad Heath: What Led to 3D-Printing a Horse Trailer?

In a detailed discussion, Brad from Double D Trailers shares his journey into horse trailer design and manufacturing, which began with a retail store in 1994 before moving into manufacturing in 1997 due to a demand for customized trailers. He highlights the decision to innovate with a 3D-printed horse trailer, spurred by challenges such as supply chain issues during the pandemic, labor shortages, and the need for more durable and efficient manufacturing processes.
  • Brad explains that the new 3D-printed trailers will incorporate advanced safety features like the SafeTack Reverse Carbon series, focusing on ease of use and horse safety. The trailers are made from a combination of high-strength, lightweight materials like carbon fiber and ABS plastic, ensuring durability and a significant reduction in noise and vibration. 
  • Key innovations include non-breakable windows, climate-controlled interiors, and slide-out ramps for ease of access. These features aim to make the trailers the quietest and most comfortable on the market. Brad envisions that these 3D-printed trailers will last significantly longer than traditional models due to their advanced materials and construction methods, potentially lasting 50 to 75 years without the deterioration common in standard trailers.

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