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River Edge Farm Horse Rescue - Middle Tennessee

“We are dedicated to taking in horses that are voluntarily surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them..."

Jane McAllister’s love of horses began in Pennsylvania where, along with riding, she worked with the local humane society and horse rescue helping unwanted horses find new homes.  In September 2006, Jane moved to Tennessee looking for a climate that would allow her more riding time, and her desire to help less fortunate horse moved with her. Upon her arrival she offered her experience to the local humane society and was told that her particular skills were rarely needed in their area.

horse rescue tennesseeThis, however, did not turn out to be the case and by January 2007 Jane had already taken in two horses that were in terrible condition. Despite her efforts, Jane’s endeavors faced adversity from outside forces at every turn. Her first two rescues were quickly followed by several others due to a scarcity of pasture and hay caused by rain shortages in the area.  The crash of the economy in 2008 found Jane becoming a 501c3 separate from the humane society along with her acceptance of an even larger number of horses. Winters always brought Jane an influx of horses and, despite flood damage to her house and farm in 2010, Jane continued taking in as many horses as she could.

No matter the hurdles, Jane persisted and River Edge Farm forged ahead to aid and assist in every way possible.  “We are dedicated to taking in horses that are voluntarily surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them, are abandoned or have been taken from owners where they were neglected or mistreated,” says Jane.  River Edge Farm takes in all breeds and new arrivals receive a thorough check up.  “All horses get vet checked, teeth floats, vaccinations and hoof care, as well as coggins testing and nutritional evaluations,” Jane explains.  Once these evaluations are complete, staff follows a refeeding program recommended by veterinarians and developed at universities.

After the horse’s health has stabilized, their readiness for adoption is established.  If training is necessary, Jane has three trusted trainers that she turns to for help preparing these horses for their forever homes.  “Some are here a long time due to physical problems, age or personality issues. Some become permanent residents,” explains Jane. The road is not always an easy one, but giving up has never been an option at River Edge Farm.

Horses that are already trained become available to adopters meeting the necessary criteria.  River Edge Farm requires that all would-be adopters have horse care experience and it is imperative that the abilities of the horse meet the needs of the adopter.  In addition, all adopters must agree to return the horse directly to River Edge Farm if they are unable to continue caring for the horse for any reason. This ensures a level of security for the horse’s future once they are out of River Edge Farm’s direct care.

Please use the information below to find out how you can help River Edge Farm continue their extraordinary work through donations, sponsorships or by purchasing the beautiful handmade embroidered goods created by Jane herself.

River Edge Farm Horse Rescue

Middle Tennessee




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