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Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue - Hardy, Virginia

The Remarkable Story of a Mare That Fell Through Her Trailer Floor

rvhrHere at Double D Trailers, we always try to emphasize the importance of proper trailer safety and maintenance.  The Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue recently shared an intense but touching story of how the worst can happen when someone neglects their horses. 

The Patricia Muncy shared the story of a mare named Blair who was traveling down the road with her former owners in 2003.  She wrote, "Holes in the trailer floor were 'over-looked' by the transporter, and Blair managed to get a hoof through the floor boards.  As a result, her left hind leg was dragged against the road for an unknown number of miles."  A police officer pulled over the rig and the frightened mare literally broke out of the trailer.  

Once a vet was able to assess her injuries, they found that the front part of her pastern joint had been skinned away.  "This injury left her with a hole in the front of her joint about the size of a tennis ball, with no stability in the joint itself."  

Blair was in for a long and uncertain recovery, but the staff at the RVHR were impressed by her spirit.  "There was something about this little mare that asked for that second chance," Pat wrote.  When she arrived at the rescue, she was thirsty, very thin, scared, and in a great deal of pain.  Once the staff was able to clean her up, they could see the full extent of her injuries.  "The damage was shocking to us all, and an amazing lesson in living, working anatomy."

Over time, her injuries healed and it became clear that she was pregnant from her time with the former owners.  "She proved to be a tough mare, and continues to be highly motivated to heal and remain with us for her rehabilitation."  Pat wrote, "Next time you need to move your horse, when you're checking your trailer for the usual things such as brakes and lights, please take an extra ten minutes to test the soundness of the floor!"

About nine months after her tragic accident, Blair gave birth to a beautiful little coat named Ripley.  He was adopted out to a new home and mother and son are both doing well to this day.  Blair now has a permanent place at the farm and in the hearts of the RVHR staff.  

RVHR is a small family run farm that has the goal of helping horses in need.  To see more photos or to learn more about RVHR, please see below:

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