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Runnin’ Free Ranch - Ennis, Texas

“People that have struggled with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues can have significant breakthroughs with the aid of equine assisted counseling.”

Founded in 2016, Runnin’ Free Ranch is a place for humans and horses to rebuild lives together. Runnin’ Free Ranch was developed with the mission to provide a “non-judgmental, non-pressured environment where veterans, at-risk youth, special needs children and their families can experience freedom, hope and positive life-changing relationships through the facilitation of equine assisted activities and counseling,” says Amy.

Both of the special horses at Runnin’ Free Ranch are rescues that have been adopted into the program following their rehabilitation. In this way, Sevin and Zeke are able to give back and help those that find themselves in need, a situation that they themselves understand in a way no one else can.

Runnin’ Free Ranch offers one- and two-hour sessions for individuals, families and group. Each session incorporates a mental health professional, horse specialist and one or more rescue horses. The sessions are structured to allow participants to examine their human relationship patterns through the example of their human/horse relationship experience.  “Runnin’ Free Ranch believes that a hands on experience challenges people to look at themselves and the world in a new way,” says Amy. “People that have struggled with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues can have significant breakthroughs with the aid of equine assisted counseling.”

The methods at Runnin’ Free have proven to be very effective for the many individuals that have sought help at their facility. “They have given my daughter a safe place to work through some things in her life. Not only can I see the changes in her, but her teacher and school counselor have noticed as well. I feel like I am slowly getting my happy little girl back,” says one young girl’s mother after watching her daughter interact with the horses.

Equine assisted therapy can also be a rewarding experience for those that seek help for themselves. As one individual tells of his time at the ranch, “A Navy veteran, I struggled daily with rage, stress, low self-esteem and a lack of empathy. My interpersonal relationships struggled as well. My relationship with Sevin has helped me let go of control and the shame of past mistakes I’ve carried for years. I am forever grateful for the treatment I’ve received.”

Runnin’ Free Ranch offers their therapy sessions at no charge in order to allow access to all individuals that seek help with them. Use the information below to donate and contribute to the valuable work done at Runnin’ Free Ranch. You can also find out how to volunteer and become part of their family of healing.

Runnin’ Free Ranch

Ennis, Texas



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